What Are The Major Approaches Of Treatment Used Under Ayurvedic Medicine System?

Posted by Ramdev Medicine on January 8th, 2018

The ayurvedic medicine is quite old and is being used since ancient times in the management of various types of health issues. In this medicine system, a holistic and natural approach is used towards management of any types of diseases or disorders. As with any other medicine system, a definite approach is used to treat or cure various types of health issues. In the same way, Ayurvedic medicines such as Baba Ramdev medicine also opts for some specific type of approach towards treatment and prevention of different types of diseases or disorders related to the human body. There are two major approaches that are utilized under ayurvedic medicine system as discussed in the current article.

Out of the two approaches used in the ayurvedic medicine system, one is curative approach while the other one is preventative approach. Both are used in close link with each other so as to offer complete and absolute relief to the patient.

In the curative medicine approach towards management of various types of diseases and disorders related to the human body, such a treatment plan is used that may help in healing an illness. Under this treatment approach, various methods are utilized according to specific requirements of the patient. The major methods of treatment used under curative approach are as follows.

  1. Internal measures- In this method, detoxification of the entire body is done as to as improve the quality of life through soothing or sedative care.

  2. External measures-These may include use of oil massages, treatments, steam therapies or herbal pastes. In a way, it is also meant to detoxify the body externally.

  3. Surgical measures- It may be used in some severe cases so as to remove some defective tissues, cells, extra growths or abnormal organs from the body.

  4. Mental and spiritual measures- It involves use of such therapies that are totally divine in their origin and nature.

  5. Herbal measures- In this method, various types of herbal or trace metal formulations are utilized so as to retain normal body functions.

As far as Preventive approach used in the ayurvedic medicine system is concerned, it is aimed at creation and maintenance of health and long life of a person. In this treatment approach, main focus is on the constitution or prakruti of a person. It aims at balancing and supporting prakruti or constitution of a person. In simple words, all the aspects of the human life and personality and the things that affect the health and life of a person are taken into consideration. These may include diet, lifestyle and the social aspect and relationships of a person.

Also various methods used under the curative approach of treatment are utilized in the preventative approach so as to offer holistic relief to the patients. Suggested by the name, this treatment method is not just confined to treatment of the given diseases or disorders but it is something more than that. It also aims at further prevention of the given diseases so that their recurrence may be prevented totally.

These are the major approaches of treatment used under ayurvedic medicine system that cover all the aspects of life and health of a person.

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