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Posted by Chris on January 9th, 2018

The most essential function of a phone is about the connectivity. While a smart phone is designed to give you constant connectivity, not just the capability of calling and sending text messages, it also provides the access to the network. The basic feature is 3G, which allows you to connect to the internet in an efficient way. All smart phones nowadays come with 3G capabilities. However, some phones now come with 4G. If you're a heavy mobile internet user, then you might want to consider a 4G capable phone, as it will give you faster internet service, with quicker downloading and web page opening. However, you must first find out if your mobile service provider has a 4G network, and if it is available in your location. But not everyone can use 4G plus it is really expensive. 3G will be fine for an average user.

The recent new about Apple would be the sudden shutting down. On November 21, Apple make a positive response to the "iPhone automatically shut down" incident on the China market, claiming that there are very few iPhone 6S device may be unexpected shutdown, and Apple are willing to replace the battery for these products free of charge. Apple said that to help consumers solve this problem, Apple guarantee the equipment affected with a free replacement of the battery. users of IPhone 6S or refurbished iPhone 6 from Apple store can enter the device serial number on the iPhone Unexpected Shutdown Problem Plan page to see if the device meets the criteria for free replacement of the battery. Apple apologizes for the inconvenience caused to consumers.

The company said it wants consumers to understand that the iPhone is designed to allow the device to automatically shut down under certain conditions, such as extreme cold temperatures. Some situations in which automatic shutdown occurs may be accidental to the consumer, but are designed to protect electronic components from damage due to low voltages. The company explored other possibilities that led to an unexpected shutdown of the iPhone, and after further investigation, no other reason was found, and customers' reports will continue to be watched and analyzed.

In the past two months, a large number of users who own an iPhone 6S said that the phone will automatically shut down even sometimes with 60% power left and need to connect the power supply again, in addition users of iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus also express the frustration that the phone can work normally only when it can maintain high power. In this regard, Apple has just said at the beginning of the battery is not a problem, you can try to brush machine, if the problem still cannot be resolved after brushing the machine, you can choose to repair the device at a price of 1000-2000 Yuan. But this is not the case, there have been hundreds or even more users to reflect the iPhone 6S automatic shutdown problem all across the world. Users suspect that high power consumption are system-related, but in addition to iOS 10 system, iOS 9 system will automatically shut down.

Prior to the Apple phone automatically shut down, Apple's official website has released its various products with the appropriate temperature zone, which says iPhone ideal temperature range will be between 16-22 ℃. When you use the device in a very cold environment, you may notice a reduction in battery life, but this is only temporary. When the battery temperature returns to normal operating range, its performance will return to normal. But it did not specify a very cold environment which may lead to iPhone automatic shutdown.

Actually this is not the first time or the unique problem about iPhone. The battery problem is always a quite tough question of the smartphone, and the Samsung also have caught this before. But it is worse. And as tough as it is, you can only find a way to save your own device. If your phone have this problem, then you should change the battery for free or not. But if you are about to buy a new one, you can avoid this problem easily by buying a refurbished iPhone. Since the battery is always week of iPhone, why don’t we just change it to some high quality one. Now you can get a lot of this refurbished iPhone with a changed battery, and it just work better for the phone. If you are interested in buying Apple iPhone 5C 8GB, you can visit And there are plenty of choices and all the products can guarantee the best quality and you can get a warranty of a year.

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