Determine the durability of materials with Testone Fatigue Testing Machine

Posted by Testone on January 9th, 2018

TESTONE is specialized in test equipment manufacturing such as U.T.M, Environment Chamber and etc. With the best technician more 20 years career and constant technical developing efforts. We have supply records mainly to universities in Korea and big Korean companies such as Samsung, LG, LS, Hyundai, TUV Korea, etc.

Fatigue tester is designed to test fatigue endurance performance of various products. It can be controlled by computer and various waveforms can be ordered and various tests are possible.
Fatigue, high-cycle fatigue test, low-cycle fatigue test, tensile test, compression test and bending test are performed.

Servo-Hydraulic Fatigue Testing Machine

Model: TO-F100 series

Servo-hydraulic systems are the workhorse of any laboratory. It can perform a wide variety of low and high cycle fatigue, crack propagation, fracture toughness and other dynamic tests. Each system can be readily configured with appropriate sized servo valve, manifold and hydraulic power unit to suit the particular application.


  • Capacity - 1 kN ~500 kN
  • Test methods - Cycle test, Fatigue test, tensile test, compress ion test
  • Wave form - Sine wave, Square wave & etc.
  • Excitation frequency - 0.1 ~ 100 Hz (Order production)
  • Amplitude of vibration - Order production
  • Accuracy of Load - ± 0.5 % F.S
  • Accuracy of displacement - ± 0.1 % F.S
  • Mode - Hydraulic servo valve
  • Cooling system - Water cooling system

Spring Fatigue Testing Machine

Model: TO-F100S


  • Capacity - 3 kgf
  • Test speed - 0.1 ~ 60 Hz
  • Number of test - 0~10,000,000 cycle
  • Amplitude of vibration - ±0.1 ~ 15 mm
  • Amplitude of resolution - 0.01 mm
  • Control accuracy - ± 0.1 % F.S
  • Motor - AC Servo Motor
  • Method - CAM Driving system
  • Power - 220 V 2 P
  • Weight - Approx. 200 kg

For more details contact Testone, one of the leading material testing instruments manufacturer in South Korea. We also offer wide range of universal testing machine and other industrial purpose testing machines.

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