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Posted by RuelWendy on January 9th, 2018

08 January 2018 - Online Pomodoro Timer provides an excellent possibility to manage the efficiency of your work, while breaking down the working process into a set of intervals separated by breaks. This method allows not only to customize your working schedule, but also to make it more disciplined and productive.

There’s no question that striving for success most modern people are serious about how they can make their working activity more effective as well as well-organized. Today it’s possible to find many different techniques that promise to work well. However, most of these techniques usually depend on consciousness of a person along with his ability to follow the established rules. In such a way, these techniques are perfect in theory and almost invalid in practice. The truth is that the simpler the time management method is the more successful it is.

The method of Pomodoro online timer, which is a brilliant invention of Francesco Cirillo,is extremely easy and flexible. It motivates the user setting the attainable aims and tasks, which are planned to be accomplished during the established time frame. This time frame makes one pomodoro, which is a conventional time unit. The original variation of pomodoro or tomato makes 25 minutes. This time frame was chosen by Francesco Cirillo, simply because during this time any person can work continuously as well as efficiently. After 25 minutes of continuous work or in other words one pomodoro, our brain needs to have a short break, while after 4 pomodoro’s there’s the need of long break.

The system of well-organized and interchangeable pomodoro’s and breaks is extremely practical and convenient, while enabling everyone to schedule his or her work, while separating it into few sections. In addition, taking into account the fact that we all are different, featuring different capacities, it’s possible to customize tomato timer in accordance to our personal needs as well as physical abilities, and so, to increase or decrease the time frame of one pomodoro along with the break.

About Tomato Timers:

Tomato Timers is an excellent spot that offers us an effective online tomato timer, which can be used on your pc, laptop, tablet or smartphone. This Pomodoro Technique, developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s, is intended to increase the productivity by any person, while providing a powerful method to schedule his or her work. This online timer 25 minute is available for every internet user to be used in online mode.


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