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The grid flooring is not only colorful in color, and the size of grid flooring can be divided into several kinds according to its working conditions. The use intensity of different specifications is different, and the selection of different sizes have a lot to do with the application location. When choosing metal grate flooring, you need to choose carefully.

Features of Metal Grill Flooring:

1. Corrosion resistance
The corrosion resistance properties of steel grille after oxidation or spraying has been applied for long-term use in the corrosive environment of different acid-base, salt and liquid medium.
2.Light weight and high density
The density of aluminum is one third of steel and it is very lightweight. So for the aluminum grid floor, its weight-bearing ratio is superior to that of steel grid floor.
3. Aging resistance
The product has a strict control of oxidation and spraying so that the product has a durable anti-aging performance, which can maintain a long-lasting shine and continuous high strength, with a service life of more than 20 years.
4. Design ability
Besides the flexible design performance of the aluminum grille, the color can be customized according to the customer's requirements. The dimensions can also be cut and spliced into the size required by the customer.

Advantages of Metal Floor Grating:

Because of the anti-corrosion, high quality, anti-impact and anti-fatigue and safety features of the grid floor, the grid flooring has become the hot-selling product of many industries. Many chemical plants, smelting plants, chemical treatment plants, printing and dyeing factories, salt mines have a lot of underground gutters, which is corrosive. The traditional gutter cover can be made of angle steel, cast iron, cement, but they are not resistant to corrosion, so they will be destroyed in many years, or even few months. The use of metal grille flooring can solve the corrosion problem well. 

Application of Industrial Expanded Grating for Metal Flooring:

The chemical plant has a large number of operating platforms. It is reasonable to use the grille floor for the paving materials of these platforms. The grille floors are corrosion-resistant, and it requires no maintenance, it has long service life, and can be used for twenty years. Compared with steel, the weight is reduced by 3/4, so there is no need for lifting equipment while installing and the supporting components can be reduced accordingly. In addition, the grille flooring has some flexibility, and people who work on it for a long time can reduce fatigue and improve work efficiency. It's the ideal material for the platform.

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