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Posted by Price O Mania on January 10th, 2018

Exactly 10 years back, a thunderstorm was felt in the world of mobile phones. Apple launched its first ever iPhone which was over- priced and was not very easily available. Despite of all, it created lot hype amongst the buyers and the vendors. While addressing the public at the time of its launch, Steve Job made his point although subtly, that with iPhone revolution they were aiming at real big. What actually moved the customer base from blackberry and palm top phones to iPhone, was that they had courage to break the stereotyped stylus phones. They bought the best of both the worlds in one enabling professional and personal functionalities together.

Key features that gave iPhone an edge over the competitors

Multitasking: The gen next juggling among various applications was taken to the next level of ease and excellence. The users no longer had to end current activity to start another. They could simultaneously switch from one screen to another.

All in one charisma: Time when blackberry and palm top mobile phones was focusing only on professional needs of the user.  Apart from keeping a tab of office emails, there was nothing more to it. However, iPhone created an ideal integration between official and personal spirit in one. Music, photos and videos joined hands with the professional world. Before buying the phone, ensure UAE Shopping comparison to get the best deal.

Keypad: Inbuilt keyboard replaced the physical keyboard made iPhone less bulky.  Apple intelligently brought the space for keyboard to give a better and bigger screen resolution.

Pricing strategy well used and justified

First thing that comes to everybody’s mind when they hear iPhone is its price that is considered to be over-priced. Competitors who were targeting iPhone on this ground got stern answer from Apple justifying its price effectively and converted it into a successful business strategy.  They argued that the features and security they offer is unconquerable by the competitors. A little comparison of iPhone cost will help you understand the journey of this most coveted gadget.Compare iPhone in UAE and get the most amazing deal.

Build quality of iPhone is exceptionally world class. They bought the metal body concept which was later followed by the competitors. The hardware and the buttons are of superior quality to stand strong against any damage.

Apple is very concerned about the security of the product they offer. They are secured against viruses that can crash the internal software of the phone.

IPhone X- a step ahead

On September 12, 2017, Apple added another feather to their hat by launching iPhone X. Its slogan being “Say hello to the future” says it all about the aspirations it is backed up with. This generation is armed with iOS11.1.  IPhone X has features which are very different from the iPhone first and other generations launched.

  • IPhone X does not have the home button which the original had.
  • Siri and apple pay have a new side button.

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