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Posted by RuelWendy on January 10th, 2018

New York, USA — 4 January 2018 — Mark Dysan is an promising writer from India that has been on a hot streak recently. His debut novel has been met with unprecedented popularity and can be truly named as innovative. At the core of this kind of literature is versatile action, deep mystery and of course love and lust. Playing with all of these factors and incorporating them in great storytelling is what breaks the ice at the end of the day and what sells the books by the millions worldwide.


The Evil Trance has been called a great novel by the pundits. Those that have been the early adopters of the book loved it and also have rated it highly on the web. There are also a handful of reviews for the skeptics that aren’t yet sure they want to commit their money in buying some new books from an author that they seemingly don’t know yet. Amazon hosts Dysan’s creations and they can be accessed at any time of the day on that web page or directly on the kindle store.


There aren’t too many things known about this mystery author apart from the fact that his pseudonym is an acronym of the real name and that traveling worldwide together with the family is his favorite pastime. These things are inspiring the author into creating credible new worlds with interesting and lifelike characters that can truly make the difference. It’s been a great trip for those people that have been invested into reading the debut novel meticulously, it has a great wealth of information that can be an eye opener for many. They have grown together with the characters and have taken the same steps.


It’s sometimes refreshing to go back to the original novel and experience it all over again with a fresh perspective. Mark recommends starting reading the whole saga from the first book simply because it makes more sense to do it chronologically. Nevertheless, those that are going to pick up a new release right off the bat won’t feel like they have been left behind on a much bigger story. The inventiveness that has been used into maneuvering the reader in the right direction is there for the taking and won’t pose a threat for those that only think about starting to read it all anew. There are also many lovable quirks included that long time fans will surely appreciate.



Contact Name: Mark Dysan

Address: Hyderabad, India

Email: dysanmark@gmail.com

Website: http://www.mythscientist.com

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