5 Things to Have On your Party Bus Rental

Posted by Eddie Cruise on January 10th, 2018

Many of us ditch the luxurious limos and exotic Mercedes on special days like weddings, prom nights and bachelorette parties and decide to go with something more festive like party bus rental. While party buses are already quite well-equipped, you will probably want to pack a few important things to enhance the experience onboard.

Here are 5 things you should bring along on a party bus to enjoy a next level excursion:

1. Beverages
Your party bus rental may come with some complimentary champagnes but you may want to spice up the fun with more good stuff. Bring along some boozy beverages to deal with your excitement level. If you don’t want something alcoholic, bring on some fresh juices, carbonated drinks, and vitamin water. Party bus rental doesn’t restrict you from drinking so bring along whatever you like, alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages.

2. Snacks
To party hard, you need energy that comes from food! Bring some healthy and delicious snacks along on a party bus rental. Maybe you ate something before getting on the bus, it’s safe to have some snacks in your pocket in case you feel dizzy or weak. All that dancing and singing can make you feel quite drained. Snacks can energize you a little bit and satisfy your hunger needs temporarily. From sandwiches to granola bars and salads to cookies, there is a number of options you may consider to bring along.

3. Music Device
Every party bus rental has an advanced music system that comes with an aux or Bluetooth settings. You can become the DJ of the bus by handling sound duties through your music device. Connect your iPod or phone to the system using the cord or Bluetooth settings and let everybody listen to your playlist. Party bus rental gives you an opportunity to make everyone dance on your crazy beats.

4. Wedding Emergency Kit
If you’re using the party bus rental as wedding transportation, don’t forget to bring your wedding emergency kit on-board. It must contain all the necessary items from lotions to make-up and hair accessories to nail remover. You don’t want to stop the bus in the middle of the road to look through your luggage for a bob pin or deodorant. Keep the emergency kit with you all the time, even on the bus to feel proactive.

5. Camera
Forget anything else but not your camera like this is something you’re going to regret! Party buses are not just some vehicles but awesomely designed exotic rides. The beautiful interior decorated with disco lights, top-notch sofas, and glossy mirrored bar is worth taking pictures. Capture all the fun moments and dance moves in the camera to conserve your memorable party bus experience. If you don’t have a DSLR or Polaroid camera, worry not and use your phone to capture the fun!

Book a party bus now and don’t forget to bring these five things along to experience an unbeatable ride!

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