Why Teach Robotics to Schoolkids?

Posted by kinderlabrobotics on January 11th, 2018

Technology is rapidly changing how we live and work every day. For this reason, robot kits for kids and other products have become vital educational tools. Learning about robotics prepares schoolkids for a future in which machines have taken over a high percentage of manual labor and permanently altered the job market.

The governments of several countries have already seen the importance of teaching kids about robots. They have begun incorporating robotics into school curricula as early as Pre-K. Both educators and parents are starting to recognize how making robots can help develop the creative and problem-solving skills of children.

Here are some reasons why more schools should start teaching robotics:

• It’s a great way to introduce kids to coding and programming. As the use of robotics becomes more prevalent, students can only benefit from learning more about this field. Robot kits designed specifically for children make manufacturing and programming much easier to understand.

• Production-based robotics modules let kids exercise their creativity. They give kids the chance to do something fun and inventive. Robot kits can help give children the confidence and independence they will need when they grow up.

• Building robots can help kids learn about teamwork. As children build something together, they discover their own abilities as well as the value of respecting and communicating with others. Robotics can also help empower girls and encourage boys to see them as equals.

• Robot kits and lessons about robotics teach children patience and diligence. When a robot does not work how it should, kids get the opportunity to work through problems and channel their frustration. Robotics can be complicated, but special programs for kids can make the learning curve easier. At the same time, those very challenges teach children invaluable skills.
Currently, many companies sell robot kits for kids. KinderLab Robotics is recognized as one of the best developers of robotics curricula for kids. The company’s products and materials make it easy for educators to teach robotics to children. Kids get to have fun while learning about mechanics, electricity and other technological topics.

KinderLab offers such products as KIBO, a robot kit designed specifically for children aged 4-7. The company also provides educators with programming blocks, modules and teaching materials. These products make learning about robotics and programming easy and fun.

About KinderLab Robotics:

KinderLab Robotics is the most trusted and experienced source of premium-quality robot kits for kids in preschool, pre-K and kindergarten. KIBO, its flagship robot, was developed after decades of research and testing and was named a 2017 Parents’ Choice Award winner in the Toy category.

To purchase KIBO kits or other exciting products, visit Kinderlabrobotics.com

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