for the first time to buy high-end business watches we should pay attention

Posted by leixit on January 11th, 2018

Wearing a watch is now a person’s taste and identity of the symbol, not to mention those from the design, decoration, function and polished are works of art watches. But for the first time to buy high-end business watches, we should pay attention to what? What brand and price more suitable for the following let the watch home to tell you!The first high-end business watch how to buy    In our view, into the Cartier solid 18k gold Love Ring field of high-end watchmaking, starting from the watch is probably more appropriate, many people will first go to choose a leisure sports style, but after all, our life more time or busy at work , Social, socialization, by contrast, is the watch for the identity, value and status of a higher expression. And actually the use of the watch is not much lower than the use of leisure watches, no matter how the style of leisure sports and then how high quality, a lot of friends just to buy the table to participate in outdoor travel, high-intensity exercise, Table of the shelves, after all, the first expensive watch, wear or distressed ah  solid 18k gold Hermes Clic Clac H bracelet   If the purchase of the table to raise the age of some people, the choice of watches are also more stable, the atmosphere, and will choose some look more valuable collection of watches, of course, even if the usual brand of watches generally do not have value-added The ability, but from the appearance of the works with classic watch elements will still give them a greater appeal.Recommended watches    Omega dish flying series    Disc flying series has always been Omega watch works in the dress model, and this three-pin works are also every man should have a simple section. 39.5 mm size is also particularly in line with the standards of Chinese men. Of course, the so-called simple but not simple, watch the coaxial 2500 movement has a very excellent travel time accuracy, but also through the Swiss Observatory certification, we all know that the Observatory table also represents the price will be relatively high, contrast , Omega’s this watch is showing a considerable price competitiveness.    Of course, in this interval, in addition to the general people are familiar with the brand, some in the watch circle within the first name is also very loud, but not yet completely familiar with the usual style is also worth recommending, Sohu Fashion specially prepared for you this Two works, the same is the classic three-pin watch, they are also worthy of your pocket.    Aimei ingenuity series    Le Méridien in the past two years in the field of high-end watchmaking continued, ingenuity series on the introduction of several design sense, but also quite technical content masterpiece, such as square round or mysterious pointer. But in my eyes, ingenuity series of the basic section of the same do quite good, this piece is the most attractive works in addition to the addition of silver, blue and two superfluous superposition, as well as the central solid 18k gold Hermes earrings plate of the machine engraving pattern and the external scale circle together to create Out of the sense of hierarchy, although it is automatically on the chain of watches, watches at seven o’clock still equipped with power reserve instructions.    Wong Kai 50S PRESIDENTS    Emperor Kai that before everyone familiar with the Wo Lu Jian, even Putin are his fans, loudspeakers in the industry is quite well-known, and this classic works although there is no alarm function, but still in the works show Out of a rich historical heritage of the charm of the brand. The main works of the 50’s nostalgic elements, radiating plate looks works full of light sensitivity, diamond polishing time and slender 3, 9, 12 figures are also quite nostalgic atmosphere.Expensive watches to buy abroad (especially in Europe) are much cheaper than the domestic, so many friends will come to the table outside the table. But most people only see the benefits of overseas purchase table, but did not find the risk of buying watches abroad! Let the watch home to let you introduce it1, the potential risk of a: true and false difficult to distinguish    This is not discussed in the night market stalls on the production of poor low-level imitation, this kind of false watch a little bit of experience to buy the table most people can easily identify the authenticity.    Really easy to be deceived by those half-truths of the modified table, a little careless will be deceived, this kind of imitation table has a strong confusing, because their movement or case from the real table , Some solid 18k gold hermes ring conventional identification methods can not distinguish. For example, the Rolex Cal.3135 movement to be modified, plus the week module, and then with a well-made high imitation case, the general log-type transformed into a worth several times higher than the calendar calendar type. There are more simple but the same profiteering fraud method, the original belt of gold watch the belt removed, put on a high imitation K gold strap, the retail price also will change, the original cost of several thousand dollars of the fake watch immediately Can sell tens of thousands of high prices. In addition, such as after the inlaid diamonds, replace the dial and other counterfeiting methods also makes people very hard to prevent.    In addition, some bad business customers to return or low-cost acquisition of second-hand watches, pick some of the better after polishing the new table for sale. The story of Mr. Jia is the case encountered, with the new table to buy a second table price.

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