Various Kinds of Thailand Rice Export

Posted by smithhenry on January 12th, 2018

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There are many companies that are exporters of rice which are privately owned. These companies are mainly engaged in distribution, wholesale, exporting, supplying and manufacturing of rice which is of the finest grade. The rice has nutritional value that is impeccable. They have their dreams to turn their aims to turn those goals into visions so that they are the most trusted and preferred. These exporters look forward to quality, trust and commitment. Satisfaction and customer trust form the core of their endeavours. The country has been the pre-eminent exporter and producer of rice. Cultivation of rice is decentralized highly throughout the country. There are predominantly two seasons for growing rice and they are the wet and the dry season. Here is what the exporting companies specialize in.

The Varieties

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Reputable companies arethai rice exporter that deal with the export of various kinds of rice. Thailand is the largest exporter of rice in world and much of all that is produced stays within the country. Eating this particular crop is central to the life of Thailand. When the Thai people say, “Kao Kin” that translates literally to “eating rice”. It is eaten in variety of dishes and all times of the day. Here are different kinds mentioned.

  • Jasmine Rice: this is a local variety that originated itself in the country and is blessed with fragrance that is natural. It has a slender and long kernel that is hard and translucent. When it is cooked the rice becomes tender, soft and shiny with a natural aroma. The more freshly harvested it is the most pronounced it becomes.
  • Broken Rice: this kind of rice is the by product of milling process of the white rice. A grain has high content of energy, low level of nutrients and fiber texture.  Moreover this kind of rice is a great raw material for flour of rice. This is also the staple ingredient for making rice porridge, vermicelli and noodle.
  • Parboiled Rice: this kind of rice is the one that has been boiled in husk. Parboiling makes it easier for hand processing while also improving the nutritional profile and changing the texture.
  • Pathumthanee Thai Rice: this rice is another type of fragrant rice and is quite similar to the jasmine rice.

The Processing Techniques

All these multifarious kinds of rice are achieved after long processing methods and this includes cleaning to be the most important of all. After the rice has been harvested the plant for processing removes tree stumps and stones using destoner. The next process includes husk separation from paddy and that is called hulling. Once hulling is over bran layer is removed in the milling stage and rice goes through smoothening in the polishing phase.

Final Phases

The final phases include grading where there is separation of head rice and broken rice so that goes into different lengths. After grading sorting is done where immature, yellow and discolored rice is separated and this stage helps in adding value to the rice. Last but not the least finished product gets stored and packed so that it can be delivered to the bona fide customers.

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