Do You Know About These Stress Relievers At Home?

Posted by Ramdev Medicine on January 12th, 2018

What is common in lives of all people in present day arena? It is perhaps stress, tension, anxiety and depression. All these are negative mental states and arise due to negativity in mind. Occasional stress is but common for all but those who suffer from this problem chronically need to pay attention to it. They need to manage stress by opting for such techniques or treatment options that may offer relief from all its signs and symptoms. But most people opt for shortcut to stress relief. They start using such anti-stress medicines that may offer fast relief from this negative mental state.

However such medicines cast an ill-effect or cause certain side-effects on the general body health. It is better to opt for safe approach towards stress-management. You can even find some of the most excellent stress relievers even at your own home. These help in offering fast and quick relief from stress. Some of the most popular and effective remedies for stress relief are as mentioned hereunder.

  1. The simplest way to get relieved of stress is to start breathing slowly but deeply. It helps in releasing negative energy from the mind and body. By deep breathing, all the cells of the body get more oxygen. As a result, the entire body is rejuvenated and you start feeling better just in short span of time.

  2. Whenever you feel stressed you may opt for massaging the entire body with some oils. You may choose any oil for this purpose. The massage of warm oil on the body helps in soothing down the entire body by improving blood and oxygen flow. The blocked channels in the body are all opened. This in turn results in stress-relief. The tension in the muscles is also released. Consequently, you are able to feel better.

  3. Epsom salt is one more superb way to relax when you feel stressed. It helps in calming down your mind and body by enhancing the level of adrenaline. Also the serotonin level is increased. It is a mood-improving chemical that is released by the brain. When this chemical is released in apt quantities then stressful conditions are relieved automatically. You may take bath in warm water by adding Epsom oil to it.

  4. By getting engaged in yoga or certain exercises, you may improve your mood. It is due to reduction of stress hormones and elevation in the level of ‘feel good hormones’ in the body. The mood is also set alright with the help of exercises and yoga poses. Simple walking, swimming, dancing or getting engaged in your favourite sports may help you to great extent. It distracts your mind and at the same time makes you feel better.

  5. For better sleep and getting rid of problems in sleeping you may opt for herbal teas. The mind is relaxed with the consumption of herbal teas such as chamomile tea. When you are able to sleep properly then stress is relieved in an automatic way.

Swami Ramdev ayurvedic medicine for stress is also one among the most wonderful remedies for stress relief.

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