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I am ok, I was press in I'm gonna break my last girlfriend, hole mX celebrate now index English lesson you will asking over Hyderabad Escort basic questions and have to answer them king questions related to personal information introducing yourself in Central, shopping related questions questions like asking for someone's opinion and suggestion section going and improve your English what's your name breakup, I am from London where you come from come from London that's why asking the question where are you from what's your surname james Brown what's your family name send what's your first name personal loan what's your address searching United Street where do you live what's your telephone number at avail Hyderabad Escorts Service what's your email address gmail.com, how old are you I am sorry ideas when and where were you born movie 1974 in London.

I might, I am single I might what's your marital status that's not asking if someone is married its Apollo asking the? English teacher what's your job english actress to where did you go shopping with a friend what is UK new clothes on sale lost in London have you got a Hyderabad Escorts Services, I have a hatchback phone with paper that opens supports to provide easy access for loading agra ka Saddam the Rock till 6:45 people and everything have you got any children I got 3 children 2 points and the doctor not yet venice I can play tennis I play Football can you speak English I speak Mandarin.

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I can box I am not feeling well I am learning to speak English you speak English when you would 5 years old I could speak English when I was 5 years old I couldn't English is not my native language how do you do how do you do please to meet you how are you and you how can I help you yes I'm looking for sweater man f*** you I'm just looking about this year changing room forever have you got something bigger we got larger sizes as well how much does it cost uS dollars how much is would you like to high Court android projector school dance whatsApp hi Mrs its hello clock may I open the window it's very hot in the office today is there Hyderabad Female Escorts a bakery near here where is a bakery nearby sector next phone and its next to the bank where is the nearest bank from United Street this article xolo service is there any voice surprise are there any sandwiches mayonnaise sandwich useless your book I think it's his bro vishwas my sister's fiance what you like to do Long weekend what's playing cricket reading and listening to pop music what does she look like solid slim with long hair what would you like to eat sex what is it like to visit Thailand custom tray medicines to cm2 what's the weather like would you like some coffee thank you I'd like some coffee would you like something to drink thank you could have a coffee and some cake what's it about who has many adventures what do you think about this book the book is very interesting is it difficult to score in IAS exam not if you practice well what are your views on Hyderabad Escort Ladies as the Hyderabad Escorts Agency Girls well I am speak less how was the movie you should watch it how do you feel about flower friendly and helpful how about I pick you up at 6 o'clock on my way to the airport I'll see you then how about some lunch I am hungry why don't you take some time off in dress good idea what do we do this evening mCA movie why don't we go visit some friends this afternoon that sounds like a great idea I have nothing to wear to the concert black Sheep I hope you find it let some useful exercise questions to improve your English subscribe to our channel and press the bell icon to get notifications and I will see you with another English then take care and bye that talk about love romance and relation very healthy relationship even the Hyderabad Escorts Service is constantly evolving and we come across new romance in relationship sanskrit related on the behalf used to have the phone with you have someone It means that you you like someone and you are extremely attractive that will help you.

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