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Posted by The Agenda Newspaper on January 14th, 2018

Reading of newspapers is a good habit. It is necessary to have the knowledge of the current affairs. You must be aware that what is going in the nearby locality of you. There are so many ways by which you can update yourself of the current affairs. These are newspaper reading, news channel, Magazines and the periodicals, etc. There are so many sources of the news and there are so many news portals worldwide. There are different locations and regions up to which these are limited. Some of them are limited to a town, city, territory, Regions, State, and Country or may be in regulated in the whole country and continent. It is better to consider the online news portal, rather than the other sources because of the busy life of the people. It is easy to be updated with the current affairs with the help of online portals because the internet is available all over. You can use the mobile phones, tablets, Computer, laptops and other sources for the reading of online newspapers.

Nigeria is located in the west of Africa. The Nigeria is the Federal Republic of the Africa. It was ruled by the British government up to the 19th century. There are many newspapers and the news portals regulated in the Nigeria. One of them is the Agenda. It is the one of the best known online portal of the Nigeria. It covers all the parts of the Nigeria and the many parts of the Africa. You can get News update Nigeria, Africa on the online news portal of the Agenda.

You can be updated on the daily news and the current affairs of the Nigeria and its nearby locations. There are different categories and different types of news available on the online news portal of the Agenda like Business, Entertainment, Economics, politics, Sports, daily incidents and the other activities of the daily happenings. You can be updated of the Sports News Nigeria, Africa. All the daily news of the Africa, Which may be related to any sports activity. This may be related to the state level, national and international activities of the sports event also.

The Agenda Newspaper provides the daily news of the Nigerian republic on the topics of Politics, Business, Sports, Entertainment & Life Style, Features, Analysis and the daily happenings. You can be updated with the daily news of the whole world in a single news portal on the website of the Agenda. The online news portal of the Agenda is

The ongoing activities, incidents of in the economy of the Nigeria and the whole world’s economy are also available here in the Agenda. The news related to the any ups and downs in the economy and business is available on the online portal also. The separate category and page of the business and the economic news is available on the Agenda website.

There are many slots in the online news portal, which are always welcome you to have the advertisements and the publications. If you want to share any news, publications, advertisements and more than you can just contact the mobile numbers as well as the email of the editor.


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