How Vital the Concept of Sharing Economy is?

Posted by joseeliyo1232 on January 16th, 2018

To many people sharing economy is a new term. Sharing economy in general terms refers to a trend that involves borrowing and lending of assets instead of buying or selling them. Some of the popular examples of sharing economy are Uber and Airbnb, which allows people to earn just by sitting at their home or while driving car. Nowadays, many market place platforms have come up that offer peer to peer marketplace templates for the same. This allows you to share anything from household assets like bicycles to costlierthings such as private jets. Sharing economy is not just confined to sharing assets; it also extends in the arena of talent and service, wherein companies consider hiring contractors, freelancers and employees on short term basis instead of full time employees. This is referred to as gig economy and is a part of the same trend.

If you go back and look at the human history, you would find that earlier people used to follow the barter system, wherein they used to exchange things in place of other goods. We all are aware of this fact and hence, sharing economy remains a no new concept for any of us. It’s the internet this time that has allowed to return back to a style of life that somewhat matches the traditional village lifestyle. It can now be called as a global village in more precise terms. This would surely bring some positive changes in the economy in coming years.

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