5 Vital Precautions to Take When Working with PCBs

Posted by Falcon Gps Trackers on January 16th, 2018

When you are working with printed circuit boards, it needs constant precaution and care. Whether it is during the time of assembly or at the designing stage, the chances of electronic shocks, glitches or other unforeseen problems are high. So, it is imperative to take some precautions to ensure efficient work with hard gold PCB. Following are a few easy steps that will help you in working safely and securely with circuit boards.

When working with printed circuit boards wear safety goggles

If you wear safety goggles when working with gold plating PCB or during Ac/dc drive repair, it will ensure that no broken off metal plate enters your eyes. At the same time, during chemical etching, the safety glasses will shield your eyes from harmful fumes.

Use pins and forks for working with tiny size electrical components

To perfectly position the miniature electrical components in their adequate places in the printed circuit board, it is advisable to handle them with the use of pins or forks. Additionally, if you try to position the tiny electrical components with your bare hands, there is high probability of you breaking or damaging the instruments.

Do not work in a dark room

Always remember the fact that hard gold PCB is an extremely intricate device; so you need handling it with great care and safety to avoid any damage or breakage. It is therefore advisable not to work in a shady or poorly lit room. Instead, open the windows or move away the blinds of the room to let natural light come it, or make the use of ample artificial light to properly light up the room. Moreover, ensure that there is enough space to work properly while assembling or disassembling the components.

Make the use of correct power source

There are times when many DIY assemblers believe that they can test their PCB using any form of power source. But these tests can result in electric shocks and short circuits. So, use the right power source to avoid any such mishap.

Wear Hand Gloves when working with chemicals

When you etch gold plating PCB, it needs use of strong chemicals. Do not work bare handed as it cause considerable damage to your skin. So, it is advisable to put on hand gloves when etching a PCB with the use of chemicals.

Aforementioned are some of the vital precautions which when taken you can safely work with a hard gold PCB. Search for a renowned Automation repair Company UAE to do effective repair works.

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