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Posted by Kenneth Evans on January 16th, 2018

Social media is the fastest growing trend in the history of the world. It is as big as the internet itself. It serves as an effective medium through which businesses can interact with their target markets. Just so you know, social media marketing can be performed via various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, and Pinterest (to mention but a few). However, it’s important to understand that using social media for the purpose of marketing depends strictly on the nature of the business involved.

How is social media marketing performed?

Apart from helping to reach a target audience (customers), social media marketing can be employed for a range of traditional marketing needs such as:

  • Providing customer service

  • Informing clients/customers about special events and any other newsworthy information about the business

  • Developing new products or services

  • Driving traffic to a business blog or website

  • Developing a solid reputation as a thought-leader or an expert in the field

  • Providing a viable means of feedback

  • Increasing sales of products or services

  • Building word-of-mouth

  • Increasing sales leads or referrals

Who can use social media for marketing?

For the fact that many small businesses and startups are using social media to reach out to their target markets does not mean top app development companies cannot use them. However, it is imperative to note that not all social media platforms are meant for everyone because different customers have different social media networks, they interact with.

Not all social media platforms are suitable for promoting products and/or services offered by Indian app developers. In the first place, it wouldn’t be a good idea to utilize every social media network you come across to promote your business even if it had all the required resources to hire a marketing agency or develop an in-house team of social media professionals.

Top app development companies need to target both their resources and their social media marketing efforts at reaching potential clients. Promoting your business on a social network that is not utilized by your customers is nothing but a waste of time and money. Basically, app developers need to know where their audience (customers) is and make efforts to reach them via their favorite media platform.

The main objectives of social networking are to develop and manage a business’ reputation why they build a reliable customer base. If only Indian app developers can discover more about what their customers are thinking and saying about their products and their brand, and channel their business towards that perspective, they are surely going to benefit from this type of marketing.

Why consider social media marketing?

Before you consider the pros of social media marketing, it is important to understand the pros of maintaining an effective social media campaign. Here are a few points to consider.

There is nothing to lose

When it comes to marketing products via social media platforms, app developers have basically nothing to lose. As a matter of fact, potential losses are insignificant. Compared to other marketing channels, this form of marketing requires a minimal amount of time and money to create profiles and start posting ads. Indian app developers can establish their presence and start gaining traffic with only a few hundred rupees.

The earlier the better

There is no need to wait any longer to join a social media network. You are bound to start reaping the benefits of social media and even start realizing meaningful results once you start early enough on the right platform. It’s all about relationship building. It tends to grow steadily but exponentially. All you need to do is get some followers and leave the rest for them. Before you realize, you would have already started growing an audience. So, don’t hesitate to get started.

Your competitors are already involved

Social media has not barrier or limit; any business can join in the trend and start benefiting from its dividends. If you are still apprehensive about getting started, you are obviously missing a lot. In case you do not know, your potential social media traffic and conversions are already been poached. The more you continue to stand idly by, the more your competitors acquire more profits. The field is wide open. If somehow, none of your competition is involved, it is even the more reason for you to get started with social media marketing.

Are there any benefits of social media marketing?

The benefits of getting involved with social media marketing are innumerable. In fact, many top app development companies in Poland are surviving today, just because of their resilient involvement with social media. Some of the benefits you start to enjoy as an app developer include;

Increased inbound traffic

Without social media, your business popularity and inbound traffic are only limited to online users searching for keywords you already rank for. As a matter of fact, only very few people will be familiar with your brand. You can effectively create a new path leading back to your site by adding social media profiles. You stand to establish a meaningful opportunity for new visitors by curating new pieces of content regularly. One great way to generate inbound traffic is by syndicating quality content on social media. Through this, you stand to acquire more leads and more conversions.

Higher brand authority

For other customers, a business tends to present a show of good faith when it interacts with its customers on regular basis. Today people turn to social media to brag or compliment a product or service. You, on the other hand, stand to gain new audience members who are willing to follow you for updates when people post your brand name on their social media pages. You stand to build a more authoritative and valuable brand name among new users they more people get engaged online talking about your business on social media. Your visible reach and level of authority are bound to skyrocket if only you can connect with major influencers on social networks like Twitter and interact with them.

Limited marketing costs

It may surprise you to know that for a channel as large as social media, only a little time, effort, and money is required to make an impact. Unlike most traditional marketing channels, you can generate increased traffic to your website with as little as 6 hours of effort per week. Depending on your goals and relative needs, promoting paid advertisements via social media networks is relatively cheap.

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