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Posted by lisa on January 17th, 2018

“In the hands of the hand, with the child” how sacred and beautiful oath, but in this materialistic era, “wholeheartedly, never betray” This seemingly simple simple eight words are so precious, and sometimes even luxury To us out of reach, everyone is looking for their own only, but the scenery is too attractive outside, and we gradually lost in which direction, began to wavering.
She is ringing control, see the real 18k gold Trinity de Cartier Ring ring as long as the ability to withstand Cartier nail bracelet replica within the scope of her can not help but buy it, which is the most favorite of many of her ring, but also the most commonly used in daily life, 11 heart on behalf of one mind, This is his promise to her – wholeheartedly, never betray.
Let us bless the happy lover, but also hope that all the lovers of the world can be as happy as they are.
In fact, jewelry for women is not only ornaments, it is emotional sustenance! Many people have a soft spot for the diamond bracelet, indeed the classical grace and precious metal glamorous flame composition with a wonderful match, both fashion and more dignified. We believe that every diamond has its own story, when they are jointly embedded in a bracelet, to our right is the most shining fragments of life.
This diamond real 18k gold Hermes CDC bracelet bracelet lines elegant and tactful flow, crushing diamonds embellished shining intoxicating heartstrings, such as Qiuyui Iraqi people like to walk from the elegant, long pleasant, fragrant, enjoy the charm between the white wrist.
This is her favorite bracelet, it witnessed her vibrant and the publicity of the youth, even after the baptism of time, it is still so beautiful, still shining, although later she has a lot more than this luxury The jewelry, but it is always the favorite.
In the Greek mythology the rose is the embodiment of the beauty of the gods, and into the blood of the god of love, it gather beauty and love in one, so the rose is always associated with intoxicating love, because it is passionate, charming and charming, sensitive Just as love gives people the same feeling, thousands of years to make it how many people for their eyebrows.
This is when she was in love when the boyfriend to send the first necklace, she turned over the folder when accidentally turned to, although a little bit, but was really so she was excited, and now can still feel out The original throbbing, hollow roses, work is very fine, which is red imitation Cartier love bracelet crystal, flower core is a heart shape.
Here we wish them love than Jin Jian, true love eternal, but also hope that all the lovers of the world get married, spend the first time.
Traditional auspicious wedding Jiubao is the wedding of the traditional mascot, is a hundred years of good together, everlasting sustenance, look forward to and longing, but also a satisfaction of happiness, sent to the elders and friends and family to a couple of good wishes.
It is extracted from the essence of traditional Chinese culture, the nine most representative auspicious, wealthy meaning of the object, meaning “long long”, she conveyed the concept of culture far beyond its own value, because real 18k gold Van Cleef jewelry  now everyone Are not used, in order to inherit this cultural concept, so use a small handicraft instead.
This is her at the end of last year received a set of mini version of the nine treasures, very cute very fine little things, it makes sense, I hope you like.
Ancient lock process exquisite mystery, rich cultural connotation, and more to gold, silver, jade to build, long ago people will it as a kind of accessories, engraved with longevity wealth, dragon and phoenix were Xiang and other peaceful and auspicious words to wear on the expression A prayer for the desire or continuation of life. Especially in the fish-shaped lock, for example, the fish is also a year more than real 18k gold Cartier Bracelet auspicious.
Lock also implies wealth, so there is “donkey pack key horse back lock” said. After the imitation Cartier love bracelet derivative to the eternal love, family life, the body Yongkang, it seems that all willing to do one of them.
This is one of her many locks, it seems that she always has a different kind of feelings on the fish, in the Chow Tai Fook only one fell in love, although it was also entangled in the high gold price, but finally did not hold back, recommended here For everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.


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