6 Ideal Big Water Duck Hunting Approaches for Waterfowlers in Texas

Posted by Epromotionz on January 17th, 2018

Probably, duck hunting in big water is quite a challenging & entertaining task for all the waterfowlers, especially for the novice duck hunters. However, if you want to go on a big water duck hunting trip in Texas then, you need to understand and master few significant approaches that can assist you do perform successful big water waterfowl hunt in this early duck hunting season. Read on further to know what they are!

Take a Look at the Top 6 Big Water Duck Hunting Approaches for Avid Waterfowlers:

  • Expand Your Decoy & Duck Spreads: Structuring a decoy spread is one of the most pleasurable aspects of waterfowl hunting as it merges creativity and experimentation. This is one of the best rewards of duck hunting on big water. According to experts if you are a beginner in duck hunting then, you should surely try hands on big water duck hunting. And if you want to target any specific duck species then, you must be able to willingly recognize them on the section.

  • Create a Hole: It’s quite a vital part of duck hunting. According to experts you should create a hole and try locating your landing zone on the downwind side of the spread. It will enhance your chance to target the ducks. Remember to make a wider hole while hunting on big water, as it gives the appearance of more birds and on big water, placing more decoys always deliver better outcomes.

  • Target Specific Ducks: It is another important factor to take care of, you should keep in mind that there can be so many types of ducks in the big water area. Make sure that you understand which duck species are allowed to be hunted in one area and concentrate on those duck species only.

  • Learn Hiding: Ducks have an exceptionally strong senses & sharp eye-sight, which makes it extremely tough to fool them around. You have to learn right techniques to hide yourself with the help of right camo and other hunting essentials, as the ducks can easily see your boat, from a few miles away. Master this technique and enjoy your Texas duck hunting trip.

  • Don’t Forget Camo: Whenever you go on a duck hunt, you should not forget to carry and wear right Camo for a successful big water duck hunt. It is very important that you dress properly for the hunt to handle the worst possible conditions while hunting ducks in Texas. Ensure that carry and wear right gloves, stocking cap and covered garments that are warm and waterproof.

  • Shooting Guns: When it comes to duck hunting, obviously you must carry an appropriate shooting gun. Guns certainly play an extremely essential role to make a successful hunting experience. While buying the shotguns for the hunt make sure that you buy one considering your level of waterfowling experience, the outer features of the fun, what type of hunt you are going on and your budget limitations. Make sure that you practice adequately with the purchased gun prior to planning a hunt or going on a waterfowling trip.

So, try your hands on waterfowling by following the aforementioned approaches and make your Texas duck hunting trip a memorable one.

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