Sewage Backup Is Harmful To Your Health; Employ Cleaning Services

Posted by NicoleBridges on January 17th, 2018

Water accumulation due to floods and leaking pipes may do considerable damage to the house but sewer backup is another issue that does not only pose a threat to the structure of the house but can cause health hazards. Sewer backups can happen due to faulty drainage system or blockage in the sewer pipes. The sewer water contain harmful contaminants such bacteria, fungus and viruses that can spread infections and diseases among the occupants of the house.

It is strongly recommended to contact companies that offer sewer backup cleaning services to handle the sewer backup. Timing is important as longer the house structure is exposed to contaminated sewer water it will weaken the construction and also lead to fungal growth. There are three types of contaminated water

  • Category 1: It is the water from a clean source such as a faucet or broken pipe
  • Category 2: Grey water caused by washing machine or toilet overflow
  • Category 3: Black water caused by toilet waste which is not properly drained. This water is dangerous as it contains the most harmful bacteria and viruses

The companies that perform sewage backup cleaning services have trained workers who are experienced to deal with sewer backups. The workers wear proper protective suits, head mask and hand gloves before they start the cleaning process. The workers first look at the extent of sewer backup and make suitable plan to remove the sewer water and prevent cross contamination.

The steps involve in sewage backup cleaning services include

  • The workers move the household belongings and furniture which has not been contaminated to a safe and dry place in the house
  • Big extraction pumps and vacuum units are used to remove sewer water
  • Dehumidifiers and air movers used to dry the place and prevent mold growth
  • Then the sewer affected area is cleaned with sanitizers to remove bad odors and traces of bacteria
  • The workers also clean the carpets, upholstery and furniture which may be slightly affected by sewer water

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