What is The Benefit of Elder Care?

Posted by sora on January 19th, 2018

Elder care benefit –these are gains relating to caring of the aged whom may either be sick or have no relative to take care of them or their relatives opt to take them to nursing homes.

Kaijiancare this is a home established in china to take care old people who are taken care of by the kaijian nurses.

Taking care of the elders means providing them with needs such as medical attention, food, clothing, shelter and also giving them love. There are benefits accrued to taking care of elders. They include

1.Gives face to face care-elder care benefits, kaijian gives the elderly and the nurse ability to communicate on e on one. This will give the elderly a sense of love and belonging. There are also more interactions thus will reduce stress and loneliness from the elderly.

2.Elder care gives hope to the elderly –Once the old is taken care of, he or she will have hope of seeing tomorrow and a hope of life.

3. Elder care and kaijiancare helps an elderly to maintain their lifestyle. Many old people will definitely change their lifestyle and habit once they are not taken care of. This may lead to depression that can eventually lead to death.

4.Time saving-elder care done at home or at kaijiancare saves the relative a lot of precious time that they could have spent in taking care of their elderly.

Elderly care benefits accrue when a nurse or a caregiver is paid to nurse the elder. In this case the caregiver is benefiting. On the other hand, the relatives of the old will benefit since there will be cost reduction, time saving and also their elder will live long.

Kaijiancare where it is a home will take care of the elders under the request of relative or that of the elders. This will happen mostly if the elder has no one to take care of them or that relatives are too busy or if the relatives find it costly to take care of their elder at home.

In conclusion elder care benefit is important because there is need to show the elders that they still have a reason to live and smile. I can recommend the kaijiancare only if home based care is not possible.

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