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Posted by Siva on September 23rd, 2010

90-ballbingo is one of most democratic games played in United Kingdom since 1960.It has got good fan follow up all over United Kingdom and often used to play in large halls.90-ballbingo is also called as Housey Housey in United Kingdom. Actually its name arises from the balls (1-90) that are used in it. It is played with the cards, which have 9 columns and 3 rows with 5 counts for each line. It also got squares which are set blank as per the set up. In this game we need to play three levels arranged like lines of the ticket where you get 3 chances for playing a specific game. This rule is followed all over UK and other bingo centers. There are some bingo halls where you can get 6 strips of tickets also. This is the reason why people gone more crazy about this game. For playing this game we need 24 cards arranged in 3 horizontal rows of 5 in number which means, every one card holds 15 numbers. It is a game of three probabilities lot more winning chances and prize money.

90-Ball Bingo is the traditional game of United Kingdom. It resembles to 75-Bingo.Anyhow the initial origination of the above two games are comparable in many situations. But winning procedures put in the same way. Every game got three levels which are associated with some prize money. The levels are Single Line Across, where player should cross only single horizontal line; Two Lines Across, player need to cross 2 horizontal Lines; Full House - player need to cross all the three Lines.

In 90-ball bingo, every single card is designed in such a way that, it has got 3 lines in horizontal followed by 9 columns. Each line holds 5 numbers, describing that each card holds 15 counts. The very 1st  column holds  counts from 1-10, the 2ndcolumn holds counts from 11-20,  where as the 3rdcolumn holds numbers from 21-30, continues until the column holds 81-90.Below given is the design of 90-ball bingo.

?         1 to 9 is the numbers of the first column.

?         10 to19 are the numbers of the second column.

?         20 to 29 are the numbers of third column continues until 80to 90 the very last column.   

?         Single Line covers five numbers  which are horizontal in the purchased  ticket

?         Two Lines covers any 2 lines holding the same ticket.

?         Full House covers 15 counts holding the ticket.

?         Line game ticket should be followed by 2 lines on the ticket

Many online sites of 90-ball bingo provide chatting rooms near to the bingo centers where people can play and chat together easily. Most of the women of ages 20-25 play this game as their free time job. In the year 2003 the first bingo online site has been launched. These sites got enormous demand and popularity has increased due to the women, they have an addicted attraction towards online bingo game. We will be surprised to hear the ratio of women and men participation, which is 70:30 towards this game. By verification of all bingo records it is clear to say that it is the most free time action in United Kingdom. Bingo being so traditional had won the hearts of many thousands of people in United Kingdom.

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