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Posted by reedcooper on January 19th, 2018


Social media marketing is not just another way to get traffic to your blog, but it is a place where a whole lot of targeted users can be found and extracted to your site. Social media sites, as we all know are home to millions and millions of people from all over the world.

People are attracted to Social networking sites due to the entertainment factor which is not found in most of the blogs/sites for obvious reasons. Sites like YouTube and Dailymotion get traffic from the popularity and sharing of videos.

People usually do check out their friends shares, likes etc. which are common ways to get traffic. Twitter is more of a tease to people that cause them to check out the blog post links or news links. And then finally, talking about the giant, Facebook- the most targeted traffic can be driven from this one as this one simply has the most users and around 60% of them are found online most of the time.

Social media marketing service thus carries a lot of value and is amongst the best ways to brand one\\'s company or service. Now that you are well versed with the need and importance of social media, let\\'s go over to the topic of Social media marketing tips. Well, there are of course many tips of which some are useful whilst others are not. So here are some of the ones that we came across and found pretty useful;

Talk But Don\\'t Talk:

Quite contradictory, isn\\'t it? Well, what it means is that you need your brand, your service etc. to speak instead of making you do so. One of the best ways to do this is Designing- yes, designing because it is amongst the few things that help shape you image and help in overall branding.

Run Competitions and Giveaways:

Regularly run giveaways and competitions which interest the users to participate and win the prize. Nowadays, this is amongst the few hot favorite tricks being used to get like, tweets, views and what not...

What you should make sure in such a competition is that the participants do share the competition in this manner you will easily be able to get more participants and thereby visits.

Bring Home The Giants:

What I mean by this is that you should interview powerful people? No not wrestlers but hot favorites of you niche like in the internet marketing niche you could interview someone like Pat Flynn and post the video on YouTube etc. This one will surely get your blog going. The toughest part on this one is getting in contact with such influential guys who happen to have loads and loads of such requests per day. If that is not a barrier for you, then go on get a camera and start shooting...

Be Professional:

There is no point in trying to be professional because the masks don\\'t last long. So, instead of trying to act like a professional be one yourself. That doesn\\'t mean leave your tee\\'s and get into a suit but that talk to the point, be precise, don\\'t spam and most of all provide quality content.

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