A Thorough Understanding of All the Major Network Switches

Posted by megatelindustries on January 19th, 2018

Buying the perfect switch can be a herculean task, considering the varied options that need to be taken care of. Here are few major switches, and the necessary details that you need to know about them.

Industrial Ethernet Switches

Before analysing the features offered by Industrial Ethernet switches, we must first understand what exactly is Ethernet switch and its functions. An Ethernet switch, commonly known as switching hub), actually, interconnects all the Ethernet devices. It gets frames transmitted by one device, and thereafter sends these frames into the respective ports of switches which connect other Ethernet devices.

Most Ethernet switches adopt the store-and-pass method for the passing of frames.

Things to Consider When Buying Industrial Ethernet switches:

  • You would need to understand the amount of Ethernet switches that you would be requiring for your entire network.
  • Your switch must contain ample storage memory for every network device.

Fiber Switch

Fiber switches provide same standard purposes alike any other network switches; i.e.-connecting the senders and receivers automatically. The fiber switch basically checks a data packet, analyses from where it was sent and where exactly is it going. Thereafter, the switch sends the data packet to the respective storage location in the data center.

The Fiber switches differ by performance, price, port count and architecture.

How Many Fiber Switches Are Available?

Fiber Switches are basically of two types:

  • The modular director of the high port.
  • The Semi-modular switch of smaller-port (also known as fiber switch or basic switch). 

Most Fiber switches are of fixed-port and the count of the port can differ from 8-80.

What is Fiber Optical Multiplexer?

Multiplexers are devices that include more than a single input into single output. Multiplexers are basically important as it enables the users to make a logic circuit sans using logic gates that are actual.

To put it simply, Fiber optical multiplexers minimizes the complexities associated with the digital logic circuit. Fiber optical multiplexers work with different types of signals; digital, analog, video, and optical for instance. 

Network switches are not needed by everybody, so you must first determine your reasons behind buying one, and if it is really needed. But if you are doubly sure to buy network switches, you must first set a budget. In most cases, the less area a switch is designed for, the more cost friendly it gets.

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