What is Project Management?

Posted by Mudassar Ali on January 20th, 2018

Every organization uses project management. For the more special activities, a project group or a project organization that needs solutions must be installed. Especially in construction, the collaboration between different contractors in the form of a project organization is common. A project organization in the construction industry is usually also charged with the execution. The advantage of this is that the thinkers and the doers stay reasonably close together.

Within companies and institutions, there are project groups and project organizations with regard to a wide variety of organizational and management problems: such as strategy, management, investment decisions, HRM, quality, customer orientation and organizational culture. Everything that falls outside the existing routines then becomes a project. The project management group then comes up with recommendations and plans for the line organization to implement. The transfer to the line often proves problematic.
The following contributions give a very compact idea of the most important success and failure factors:

Success and failure factors of project management
- Instrument use correlates negatively with success;
- Work style correlates strongly with success;
- With a goal-oriented approach, few instruments are needed to achieve success;
- In structural projects, many structuring stands in the way of success.

In more than 80% of cases, the result of a project deviates from the originally planned one. In about 40% of these cases, the project is stopped early! What is going on?

Tips for project management
Unlike the general manager, as a project manager, you manage one-off projects with a tangible end result. A project has several phases, in which the focus for the project leader is always on other tasks.

Six common problems with project management
Every project is different. But a few problems always come back. If you recognize one of the following problems, you will immediately find the link to insights and solutions to this problem.

Control of infrastructure:
Project management is about the way in which the management obtains insight into the progress and efficiency of projects. Project administrators or controllers are employed in many organizations. Their focus area is usually budget management and, for example, making a financial forecast. Often a project administrator, overruled by the project manager and in fact only responsible for keeping the invoices and receipts.

Grip on government projects with many external parties:
In many government organizations, external parties, often from large consultancy firms and system integrators, are temporarily deployed to lead and manage projects. In practice, such an approach certainly does not guarantee success: projects run out, budgets are exceeded, and objectives are not achieved.

Project management is a separate discipline:
It is already a real art to get the momentum into a project, regardless of whether it concerns larger or smaller projects. It is even harder to keep up the pace afterward.

Managing project teams
Team members often disagree about the exact objectives and who precisely is part of the team. As a team grows, managing the mutual relationships becomes increasingly complicated. The team leader must limit the size of the team and clearly define the team. So-called 'team destroyers' must be removed immediately.

Critical success factors in project management
More and more we discover that specific factors are decisive for the success of a project. They are factors with a substantial leverage effect. If they are in order, many other factors also turn in the right direction. If they are not good, then they drag many other factors. These factors can be specified very precisely. Unfortunately, that does not mean that it is easy to change them in the desired direction.
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