Exploring Aftermaths Of Bombing During World War 2 in Birmingham

Posted by lucymacleod on January 21st, 2018

The bombings of World War 2 in Birmingham have indeed left a deep scar on a wide array of towns and cities situated in the United Kingdom. Amongst a variety of positive effects on the landscapes of the UK, the most talked about incidents was the creation of the Grade II listed Rotunda building which was an idea of a renowned Birmingham architect who had got his inspiration from the experiences during the World War 2(WW2) in Birmingham.

Often referred to as one of the most easily noticeable circular fixtures of the skyline, Rotunda building was created by Jim Roberts, a native of Kings Health in Birmingham. Earlier, Roberts was working as a member of the Home Guard and got an inspiration for Rotunda building from the height of the Council House clock. In an interview, Roberts had showcased his desire to make the Rotunda building go higher and higher simply because he had already seen the view of the entire city from the clock tower and it was undoubtedly a disheartening sight.

In addition to the creation of the Rotunda building, there was yet another renowned architect named Sir Herbert Manzoni, who was a city engineer and served as a surveyor of Birmingham for a consideration duration of time. A huge proportion of the post-war landscape of Birmingham was a responsibility of Sir Herbert Manzoni. As a renowned architect of the mid-20th Century, Manzoni took the step of creating the major ring road. In addition to this, Sir Herbert Manzoni was also held in-charge of launching a slum clearance scheme which ensured that the city gets free from the slum areas. Sir Herbert Manzoni also made it a point to build tower blocks which served as a brilliant option to compensate for the scarcity of serious housing in Birmingham. It is expected that the upcoming years would witness a contemporary New Street station in Birmingham in addition to a brand new library which would include a regenerated list of different areas of Birmingham.

Since the World War 2 in Birmingham, the UK city has evolved and embraced technology for the benefit of its inhabitants. In addition to the New Street railway station, the city is likely to have a brand new railway station which would be a key component of the HS2 route for trains. The situation in Birmingham is expected to change rapidly in the 21st Century and the people residing in the city would be proud of their home town.

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