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Posted by John on January 21st, 2018

Previously we gave a detailed rundown of what to choose in vending machines to satisfy your hunger and cravings based on the time of day. During the talking point, our primary focus was centered on snack items we provide in our vending service Atlanta. In this article, we will give a bit more information in regards to beverages.

Early mornings, of course, coffee is your go to beverage to receive a “pick me up”.  As a vending company, we  understand coffee is king, but would like for you to keep in mind sugar consumption when preparing that cup of joe. Sometimes in haste, habit, or lethargy, we tend to add more than enough sugar to that one cup in hopes of becoming more alert. We would also like to mention a healthier version Metro Atlanta Vending provides in a few of our vending machines that has become popular, which is smoothies. The “right” smoothie can provide energy and may contain a sizable portion of daily vegetables and fruits in one serving. We recommend Naked Juice branded smoothies and coconut water. They generally cost a bit more than others on the market, but their richness in flavors and health benefits outweigh the cons. If Naked smoothies are out of your budget, try V8 Fusion products. They offer similar benefits as the Naked Juice. For ultra healthy clients, we stock POM pomegranate juice.

For an even quicker morning pick me up, try 5 Hour Energy Shots. They are literally energy shots that are packed with B Vitamins, caffeine and little to no sugars. They increase your energy without the crash of energy most noted with energy drinks.
If energy drinks are your preference, select an alternative energy drink with 0 sugars. This will help reduce the crash effect and reduce the amount of sugar consumption in your diet

For afternoons and evenings; sodas, juices, smoothies, sports drinks(when dehydration is a factor)are all acceptable chooses using the same guidelines as mentioned earlier. In Atlanta vending,water is always best in summers due to the heat and humidity. The only differing idea we would mention is that be mindful of caffeine consumption near bedtime.
Metro Atlanta Vending is not your typical vending company Atlanta. We won’t necessarily steer our clients and customers towards a particular eating habit whether healthy or “junky” We simply provide choices and allow them to make their own decisions.

At Metro Atlanta Vending, we are fixated on vending Atlanta. It is our goal to provide the utmost level of worldclass professionalism and vending service to local metro Atlanta businesses. Contact us today to see why more metro Atlanta businesses are making the switch.

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