Knowing About Cheese Powder Manufacturers in Malaysia

Posted by Hexa Food Sdn. Bhd. on January 22nd, 2018

Cheese is a universally loved ingredient, which is why it makes for a very lucrative business idea if you are looking for a new venture to take on. Its powdered form is widely available commercially, but not many know exactly how this golden powder of goodness is made, where it comes from, and how it becomes available for everyone to enjoy. Below are some interesting facts about cheese powder manufacturing in Malaysia

• Cheese powder is basically dehydrated cheese. It can be made using a variety of methods and procedures, although the most widely used commercial process is melting fresh whole cheese and then spraying it through a hot dryer. The resulting product is the thick velvety powder we all love to add to all kinds of food from popcorn to bread, sauces, and other homemade cheese recipes. 

• Cheese powder can be made from a variety of different cheeses, the most common of which is cheddar. Other popular cheese powder varieties include Swiss, sharp, parmesan, etc. Less common cheese powder variants are not typically found on supermarket shelves, although they can easily be obtained through cheese powder manufacturers, supply houses, spice shops, baking goods outlets, and online distributors that have strong connections with direct manufacturers. 

• Cheese powder can add tons of flavor value to most any recipe, which is why it is such a popular supermarket and grocery item. High quality cheese powder typically contains cheese, salt, whey, and sometimes, anti-caking additive. When shopping for cheese powder supply, best look for variants that are classified as cooking additives, on top of those that are specifically produced for sprinkling over food snacks. Other manufacturers use chemicals and additives in their ingredients, which is why it is important to check labels and ingredient list for these kinds of details before you finalize your purchase. 

• Cheese powder can be added to a wide variety of recipes. Cheese sauces, for instance, have relatively short cooking periods. They are typically made by adding cheese powder directly to heated milk. Depending on the powder’s salt content, adding a little amount of salt may be necessary to add flavor to the recipe. Houses with picky-eating-children benefit greatly from cheese flavoring. This all the more makes cheese powder a highly marketable product. However, if you want to venture into cheese powder distribution, it is critical that you find a cheese powder manufacturer that can supply you with healthy and high-quality products to ensure the health, safety, and good value. 

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