A Mathematical Hack Students Are Hardly Taught at Their School

Posted by Tarun Aarya on January 23rd, 2018

It’s not a top-secret that a number of children in the United States struggle with maths. Many of you may believe this is due to the unnecessary or difficult formulas or equations being taught in schools these days – unnecessary because you have never had to use them in your adult life.  Many parents argue that the problems asked in the math competition are not entirely necessary for real life. Students have to struggle to revise pointless methods and formulas.

However, this topic is nowhere in our article. So, let’s chuck it out and focus on this incredible math hacks your kids are hardly taught in schools. This will help your children crack the American math competition exam.

Make Multiplication Easier

Follow these steps of a digit multiplying by 9

  • Hold your hands up in front of you
  • Spread your fingers
  • Start counting from left to right i.e. from left pinky or left little finger
  • Count till you reach the finger that corresponds to the number you are multiplying by 9
  • Drop this finger

Remember that the number of digits to the left of the gap is the tens solution. And the number of digits to the right of the gap is the one's solution.


Let’s assume that you have to multiply 9 x 3.

Begin counting from the left pinky and drop your middle finger on the left hand (because middle finger corresponds to the number 3)

Now you are left with two digits to the left of the dropped finger. And, you have seven to the right (when you add two to all the right fingers.

Therefore, the correct answer is 27. It’s so simple!

Our recommendations

No doubt, mathematics is the basis of all science and engineering fields. You can make it full of fun and exciting challenges. Since most of the students have to struggle to do multiplication or solving other problems, math seems to be the most complex subjects. The mind seems to stop working as it needs to work out extra. But, bunking mathematics class or blaming schools or education systems is the solution.

It’s good to look for a private tutor or a professional coaching class that can give special attention to your kid.  There are many formulas that are not taught in schools. A private coaching class introduces the creative methods and tricky mathematics that enable students to clear the American math completion and reap the fruitful harvest.

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