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Posted by Pigeon Guard on January 23rd, 2018

Pigeons have always been a friend to mankind. Since time immemorial we know how pigeons have been tamed not only as a pet but they were also as messengers. Pigeons which are trained also trace their way back to the owner even if they are left to fly which throws light on their map sensing ability. But most pigeons build their nests in buildings, attics and any place where they can get shelter. Pigeons are known for their rabid breeding capacity. Though they can breed throughout the year, most of the breeding happens during the time span between March and July.

But have you ever realised that pigeons can be carriers of parasites and various diseases which can get transmitted? Researchers suggest that pigeons can cause a list of innumerable diseases. These diseases can get transmitted to human beings and can cause fatal results. Some of the very common diseases are listed below-

•Histoplasmosis- This is a disease that is spread through the droppings of pigeons. This is a lung disease caused due to a fungus that spreads through the droppings of the bird.
•Psittacosis- This is bacteria caused disease. When the droppings of the birds dry up and are carried away by air human beings can inhale it and result in Psittacosis. This particular disease is very rare in nature.
•Cryptococcosis- Another fungal disease but human beings can be affected if the immune system is compromised. Someone with a good immune system is hard to be affected.

Thinking about what to do and how to safeguard your family and yourself from this? Do not worry, you have a lot of prevention techniques, which installed in time, can spare you from this trauma. The easiest way to do this is by contacting bird control services.

There are ample companies that offer you and help you in this method. There are online and offline companies. You can choose from a vast range of products. There are products which you can install all by yourself. One such product is pigeon spikes. Pigeon spikes are usually made out of plastic and are very light in nature. It can be fitted on the terrace, signboards, fences and tree branches. This act as a protection and a barrier against pigeons and keep them away. Another way to deal with this particular problem is by using electric track bird control which prevents the bird from landing anywhere by producing a very mild electricity which scares the bird away.

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