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At Rossman Law Group Our Results Speak For Us In

Our experienced, effective team has a well-earned reputation for success, both in and out of court, obtaining millions in settlements and verdicts for our clients and their families. Skilled litigators and negotiators, the attorneys at Rossman Law Group are dedicated advocates for our clients, helping them get the compensation they deserve to get past hard times and put their lives back together.We take the time to work closely with each client, thoroughly investigate the facts of each case, and never shy away from going to trial.

Our team is very effective at maximizing results for our clients. It is a point of pride that a majority of our new clients are referred to us by former satisfied clients, attorneys from across the United States and even, on occasion, judges before whom we have appeared.Rossman Law Group. Experienced litigators representing clients in personal injury, employment law and medical malpractice cases throughout Idaho. When results matter.


If you’ve been the victim of a Fentanyl injury, you could be entitled to compensation. Contact a Fentanyl lawyer based in Ada County to learn more.Fentanyl is an extremely potent opioid medication that is considered a controlled drug and is prescribed for severe or chronic pain. It is delivered through the body gradually via the skin and is sold in a patch form that is worn for a specific period of time and replaced on a regular schedule.However, because Fentanyl is so powerful, if too much of the drug enters the body, an overdose or death can easily occur due to depression of the respiratory system. Fentanyl has been found to be linked with cases of overdose and sudden death due to a failure on the part of the manufacturer to provide sufficient warnings and instructions for proper dosing.If you have a loved one that has suffered from an overdose or sudden death after using any Fentanyl product, you need to obtain legal counsel from an experienced Idaho Fentanyl attorney as soon as possible. It is apparent that Fentanyl has the potential to impose severe harm on users. An adverse affect caused by this powerful narcotic can be a result of many different factors, including:

•             Failure of the prescribing doctor to dose the medication appropriately for the patient

•             Failure of the prescribing doctor to verbally educate patient about the possibility for overdose and how to reduce the risk of adverse effects

•             Failure of the manufacturer to provide proper warning labels

•             Failure of the pharmacy to apply proper warning labels before dispensing medication to the patient

If your loved one has been affected by injuries or death as a result of Fentanyl overdose, The Rossman Law Group can help. We will fight for the full and fair compensation you deserve for your loss. Call us today to schedule an appointment for a consultation with an Ada County attorney who specializes in Fentanyl injury cases

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