Staying in a Hotel vs. a Vacation Rental in Tuscany - What's a Better Choice?

Posted by Pocketinns Inc. on January 23rd, 2018

Picturesque hills that are seemingly endless, breathtaking coastline beaches, and delicious food—these are just some of the selling points of Tuscany. This provincial town was once the best-kept secret of Italy, but today, people from across the globe travel thousands of miles just to experience its wonders. Are you planning a holiday here? Its quaint beauty is truly captivating; you will find yourself wanting to stay longer than you intended.

Tourists often wonder which would be a better choice—a hotel or a vacation rental in Tuscany? Both options have their pros and cons, and the right choice really depends on your lifestyle and preferences. To help you make your decision, let’s discuss the advantages of staying in a hotel and in a vacation rental.


• More security - Hotels tend to provide a sense of security for tourists—especially those establishments that belong to well-known international chains. Some tourists prefer to stay in hotels because they feel more confident that their things inside the room won't get lost and that they can report any incident anytime.

• Amenities - Most hotels in Tuscany have all the standard amenities such as swimming pool, air conditioning, WiFi connection, and television, which are all included in the price.

• Strategic location – Good hotels are always near restaurants and popular destinations.

Vacation rentals

• Live like a local - The best thing about renting a villa is that you get to live like a real local. You cook your own meals by buying ingredients from local bakeries and market—which means you can interact with the local residents in town, too.

• Privacy - Renting an entire apartment all by yourself or with your family allows you to enjoy privacy, as though you are in your own home. Villas in Tuscany often have large outside spaces for dining and relaxing, too.

• More space - Compared to a standard hotel room, villas, apartments, or farmhouses are larger. They can accommodate big groups at a more affordable price.

Some people think that booking vacation home is more expensive or more difficult, but in the face, booking a vacation rental in Tuscany is almost the same as booking a hotel room. You can find online platforms that allow instant booking and even reverse bidding, too. If you want to save more, then choose a portal does not impose registration fees for both guests and hosts.

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