4 Awesome Ideas for Charity Fundraising

Posted by ryan on January 23rd, 2018

Raising a good amount of money is necessary for many organizations to keep going. For this, it requires coming up with novel fundraisers who can bring the needed cash and also raise the profile of the group. Though there are many tried and tested ideas for a fundraiser, for example, laundry soap fundraiser, cookbook fundraiser, and so on; great charity fundraiser come when people think out of the box.

Even when it is not possible to come up with a new fundraiser, volunteers should tweak an existing plan to make it more successful.

A good way to kick off is to evaluate your cause and hold a brainstorming session around it among volunteers. Many times, wacky ideas work more and bring great success to fundraising programs.

To help you out, here are some amazing fundraising ideas for charity.

Bake sale fundraising

Bake sales have been a proven fundraising program for many group fundraising activities. In this, volunteers and supporters working for the cause bake and sell cakes, cookies, buns, muffins, biscuits, and pies. Easy to organize, they are a reliable fundraiser which can bring a surprising amount of cash to your group.

Charity dog show

If you are a pet lover, then this fundraising idea is for you! Organizing a charity dog show is simple, easy and pretty profitable. You will need a good venue with plenty of space for spectators and competitors. In addition, you will also need sufficient poop provision and arrangements for dog water. You can request some expert to judge the show.

Knitting for charity

It is a great fundraising idea to call all people who are good at knitting. Invite all knitting enthusiasts of your locality or community with their pair of knitting needles and a ball of wool to help others. You can also organize a charity knitting project to teach knitting to novices. The important thing for knitting with charity is to make sure to produce something useful to an organization, like baby blankets, socks, and clothes.

Charity head shave

You must have an idea about no shave November. Charity head shave is similar to this where you get a haircut for a good cause. In addition, bald head shows your contribution to the fundraiser. A popular way of raising money for a good cause, charity head shaves are simple yet great attention grabber. You can also collect plenty of publicity for your fundraising program.
These are some awesome fundraising ideas for charity that can bring surprising money to your cause.


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