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Posted by Siva on September 23rd, 2010

Bingo is a card playing game practiced since 1960?s. Joker Bingo is not a simple game as it is categorized into six different games named differently. They are Bingo card, US Bingo, Scrabble Bingo, Bing Bing! Bingo, Online Bingo etc.

In Joker Bingo the cards you are having is always expected to be accompanied with a joker. Joker is the main supporting card in bingo game, as it supports us to have more chances to win and get money. Only thing is you want to have a keen idea about the game, which will take you to success feet always. Joker Bingo is like your best friend or good supporting partner, who will guide you to success and in gaining money. In Joker Bingo, joker acts like synergistic renovated character in the same game in which you are spending money. A 75-number Bingo is also Joker Bingo game in which you play 4 levels with 24 cards, which are different from one another. In Joker Bingo you can draw around 45 balls for each game. As joker is accompanied with bingo there are many chances to win and gain thousands of prize money. People when playing Joker Bingo should remember about the joker, as it plays a vital role in turning our destiny to success.

There are some tricks and steps to be followed while playing Joker Bingo. Tickets that are selected should hold the combination of 54x. Callers who are the co participants in this game call for the regular cards from the pack. Sometimes even call the jumbo cards from the packs. Selection of symbols and numbers are done from tickets when selected, announced as winner of the game. The profit may vary from game to game, also depends on the performance activity. For suppose the Joker bingo that is played by you has 100 tickets for a single pad, you sell only for 50p and take for ?50 per Pad. Assume that your prize money is set for ?20 per Pad. Then check out your profit, about an average of ?30/pad. This will tell you how you profit yourself by playing single game. An average some of ?30 is expected for 5 minutes of play. Only thing is, it takes some time to call card from the pack.

  Every player who plays Joker bingo has 20 turns, from which he can spin the counts below his card. This card holds five numbers, when these are found will be marked separately on the game page. While playing Joker Bingo you can come up with many different items that are present on the other side of the card. Jokers are very wild enough, and are often used to tick off any single number in the appearing column. Joker present in the junction (N) column sometimes acts as a Super Joker, which has got the power to locate itself anyplace on the game board.  Once joker turned to act like a super joker it should be placed on the board firstly rather than others. Negative characters like devils also appear in this game, when they appear on a number you lose your score to half. But if a cherub appears you are saved, it will kill the devil.

Some special items are also present which admit coins. Coins sometimes give bonus points and free spins to the person who plays this game. A player who utilizes the 4 spins gain points, and loses the game if he did not use it before time. Player who does not tick out all the jokers in time can be chosen as lost. Person stood up with high score will be declared as winner of the game. 


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