Climb Those Stairs: Apartment Moving Minus the Elevators

Posted by cynthiyawells on January 23rd, 2018

Moving is usually a hectic process. You have several things on your plate and it is usually a race against time to get all the stuff moved within a timely manner. Your moving troubles intensify if you have to move from one apartment to the next and it doesn’t even have an elevator. In such cases, you would have to move the heavy furniture by climbing the stairs. It can make the moving process even more tiring than it already is. However, you can make things easier for yourself and ensure that the relocation goes as planned by using the following tips.

Get Some Help

This is a pretty obvious tip. If you have heavy sofas and furniture items then moving it would require some extra help. Make sure that the people you get help from are capable of lifting the heavy loads too. They must have some muscle on them as climbing the stairs while moving heavy furniture can be extremely physically demanding. You would need someone to call the shots and give directions to the helpers as well. This would help them in manoeuvring the furniture over the stairs.

Disassemble As Much of the Furniture As Possible

Moving fully assembled furniture like beds and cupboards via the stairs can be literally impossible especially if you have a narrow stairway. It would be wise for you to disassemble any furniture item that can be put apart easily. This would help you in getting them safely to your new apartment. It might take you some time to put them back together but at least the relocation would be completed quickly.

Hire a Moving Company

If you want your apartment moving to go in a hassle-free manner then you should look to hire a moving company. They will ensure that you won’t have to lift the furniture yourself while climbing the stairs.

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