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Posted by KaliLefkowitz on January 24th, 2018

15th of January – Academy Ir is one of the newest learning platforms on the market focused on providing the best quality online courses to people interested in growing multilaterally. On the other hand, the site is also great for tutors or anyone who is looking to stat his online tutoring business, as it lets him scale it without any technical skills. The site provides a state of the art sales engine as well as a comprehensive list of analytic data which will help tutors create better courses and understand their niche better. At this moment the site is a growing community of content creators and tutors who try to teach people subjects which vary from Calculus to Photography and the site is growing very fast.
The main product the site sells is of course the opportunity to learn from renowned tutors and universities online. The site already has an extensive list of online courses which it updates every day and it is so big that everyone can surely find something for himself. The tutors are really varied, some are stricter while some are very playful during their courses but they are all committed to passing their knowledge onto their student and they will gladly pass it to you. If you are a prospective student or e-learner this site is perhaps one of the best places to start learning interesting and challenging stuff. The videos focus on acquiring skills rather than digesting large chunks of theory, but be sure the courses are very much a combination of both.
If you are a course provider then you will like the site even more. It is designed so you can scale up and make sales without having much technical knowledge. You can edit your course’s page without any knowledge of HTML, can upload videos, tutorials all with the help of buttons. Moreover, the site offers too track your activity and the activity of your student so you can understand what do they want and how you can keep offering it to them. With this said, we want to tell you again about the state of the art sales engine which will definitely boost your sales as it is envisioned to give the users courses to choose from and more often than not those choose one or another course. On another hand the site also offers a comprehensive list of analytics and other data points so you can understand what can make your videos better. This will allow you to find things like the optimal length of the video and much more.
In conclusion the site is a supers platform to sell courses online and definitely should be taken up by many content creators who are starting out, as the competition is still low yet the audience keeps growing by the day. Also the site is great for people who just want to learn something as the site is very simple and does not distract you from learning.

About the company:
Academy IR is an online learning platform designed to unite content creators and student all over the world by the means of training online videos and offers great tools for both students and tutors to progress.


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