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Posted by myhookah on January 25th, 2018

Since centuries Hookah has been a symbol of elegance in the affluent and mediocre households. Though in the present times keeping such a smoking device is not quite common in the household yet there exist parlours where people quench their desire for smoking hookahs. It is an instrument which has more than one stem and is used to vaporize and smoke tobacco with flavours.These flavours arechannelled through a water container which normally is made of glass. In certain containers instead of tobacco cannabis and hashish are also used.

Types of Hookahs

There are a huge collection of the smoking water pipes available online. Several online shopping websites sell them and a considerable and number of customers is also buying them as decorative items to beautify the interiors as well as for their literal purpose. Some of the popular ones are:
•    Khalil Mamoon
•    Mya
•    Chinese
•    Modern
•    Egyptian
•    Stem only
•    Glass
•    Brass

The smoking pipes have gained immense popularity amongst the younger generation than the older. Therefore, the innovation of these hookahs has grown more interest in them.

Things to Consider While Buying Hookahs

There are several factors that should be taken into consideration while buying hookahs online. These include:

1.    Material: Some people argue that durable brass pipes are the best while some advocate that the stainless steel ones are worth the purchase. Brass pipes are the heaviest and last for years. They get oxidized easily but do not get corroded. Therefore regular polishing of the brass pipes is necessary for keeping up their polished appearance.

There are also options that combine stainless steel with brass or copper, though the steel ones are more vulnerable to corrosion and might not last long.

2.    Options for multiple stems: Though the multi-stemmed onesappear to be quite decorative and beautiful to look at yet goes down in performance due to multiple usages at the same time.

3.    Height: It is important to choose the correct height. The people who are experienced in smoking generally prefer 28-32 inches of the height while the travellers might require a much smaller one.

4.    Cost: If you spend more there is a fair chance of getting something more decent than the cheaper ones. The traditional ones can be a bit pricey and low in performance because of the imperfect finish while the branded ones are 10-15% more efficient.

Wrapping Up

Owing to the best buy, you must always dig into the important criterion that makes a hookah perfect and gives you the ultimate satisfaction as expected.

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