6 Easy-to-Learn Psychology Hacks You Must Know

Posted by Casey Floyd on January 29th, 2018

They say actions speak louder than words. True that. Just by reading someone’s body language you can tell about a person’s personality. That’s why it is told to make an eye contact to people while you are sitting in an interview. Have you watched Sherlock Holmes? Probably many of you admire that person. The first thing that you like about him is the way he describes people’s attributes and habits in a wink of an eye. In your daily life, you might have met people who are so brainy that they tell you what you’re thinking and what you are going to do in the next fraction of the time. These humans are called psychologists, and their job is not to figure out what has happened; instead, they try to know why it has taken place in the first place. You can also use some of the basic psychological hacks that actually work. To know more, read the article.  
1.) Always Notice People’s Feet While Talking
Like it or not when you join a conversation of two people, then there could be two situations; either they want you to leave, or they welcome you. Looking at people’s feet is the best way to know what they are thinking. If they turn their torso towards you but not their feet, then they want you to leave them alone. Moreover, if you are in a conversation with someone and his feet are pointing outwards, then he wants to escape.  

2.) Perks of Having Warm Hands
It is a common finding that a person having a warm hand during a handshake is more attractive than the one with the cold hand. This doesn’t mean that you must put on gloves every time to make them mild. Such persons are more kind, sensible, and prudent to go along with.  

3.) Gazing on Shoulders Can Clear Your Way
If you don't want a sidewalk shuffle while walking on a two-way pedestrian path, then always gaze on shoulders or the gap between heads of the walkers approaching you from the front. Your intent look will show them where you want to go, and they will maneuver in the opposite direction.  

4.) Sit Next to the Annoyed Person
If you are going to a meeting and you know that xyz person’s anger is going to burst on you, then you must sit next to him. Your closeness and attitude will make him feel uncomfortable, and this way you can have an easier time to go.  

5.) A Laugh Can Indicate Who is Fond of Whom
It is the easiest way to notice people’s closeness with others. If laughter flares up in a group, then try to notice that each one in there will instinctively look somebody whom they feel affection for. This way you can spot the secret admirers in the group.

6.) Smile in the Mirror While Brushing
If you haven’t tried this one, then give it a shot for once. Psychologists say that even though smiling while brushing your teeth appears to be child-like, it is very useful in reducing mental stress. When you do it daily, it leaves a positive impact on your mind and triggers the production of good hormones in your brain.
Studying psychology is like reading a story behind a story. Before ending this article on a high note, hope you liked the content researched and prepared by the psychological assignment help expert.

Author’s Bio:  Casey Floyd is an academic writer working with Global Assignment Help Australia. She is an expert in psychology and currently assisting many Australian scholars in their psychology assignment writing tasks.

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