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Posted by alvina on January 30th, 2018

In multi-destination routes, the routes are of high importance for fleet management. Multidrop route planner software is used for automated scheduling and routing of deliveries. This is accomplished by the assignment of the schedules and routes to the vehicles and drivers for the optimum use of the resources besides reduction in the journey time and distance covered. The Multidrop route planner software is devised to schedule a large number of deliveries in a few seconds by considering various factors like the optimization of each route, selecting the best vehicle, time needed for delivery, capacity of vehicles, the time taken by the driver to accomplish the task, the number of warehouses, the linehaul movements etc.

1. Benefits of multidrop route planner software:

  • It leads to a decrease in the distance traveled by the vehicle for transportation which directly reduces the cost. In short, it reduces the wastage involved in the fleet operations.
  • Since a task is accomplished by traveling the least path which implies lesser consumption of fuel, this leads to a lesser carbon footprint which is the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere by a vehicle.
  • A better route planning in case of a multi-drop route ensures better efficiency of the drivers which in turn leads to a decrease in the labor costs.
  • Multidrop route planner software optimizes the route for the transportation vehicle, which causes an increase in the vehicle fills leading to better utilization of the fleet.
  • Whenever there is a minor or major change in the plans, the software provides for recalculation in a lesser time because of the use of faster optimization algorithms.
  • It also helps in strategic optimization as per the current situation in a faster and efficient way.
  • It provides enhanced service because of its flexibility to support complex needs.

2. Reasons for using multidropdelivery route planner software:

  • The organizations which involve in providing deliveries throughout a country can plan the routes prudently in order to meet the expectations of the customers regarding delivery of the products.
  • Whenever there are a large number of deliveries to be done in a particular area within a limited time period, the software can help in finding the revenue-cost balance to make the deliveries on time in a cost-effective way.
  • It helps in ensuring the customers the actual time for the delivery and lets the employees respond to the queries of the customers with significant certainty by letting them visualize the planned ETA and comparison of the actual movement of the delivery vehicle with the plan.
  • Associating the multidrop route planner software with the supply chain software can lead to further enhancement of the delivery process.

The CRM can be presented with the actual plan and the vehicle track to let the customer support to effectively deal with the queries related to delivery.

Multidrop route planner software aids in economic planning of the multidrop route besides enabling fleet managers to keep an eye on various factors like tracking the amount of fuel consumed, the idle time of the vehicle, the behavior of the driver while accomplishing the task, and the time needed to dispatch the goods.

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