Paper & Paperboard BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) Industry Guide 2017

Posted by kenresearch on January 30th, 2018

 This report covers awareness of BRIC developments, paper uses, paperboard uses, use of paper, use of paperboards, environmentally-conscious products, and continuing growth over the coming years.

BRIC is an abbreviation for four developing countries of Brazil, Russian Federation, India and China. These countries are at a comparable stage of new economic development. BRIC maintains trade and investment activities within the four countries. There is an enormous growth in all industrial sectors in Brazil, Russian Federation, India and China. India and China consist of large-scale production platforms and global investments are very easy.

Among the BRIC countries, Russia is the fastest growing country in all sectors along with China followed by India and Brazil. By the end of the year 2018, China is expected to stand first in almost all sectors followed by India, Brazil and Russia respectively.

Industry Overview: Paper is a thin material made out of compressed wood fibers. Majority of the paper manufactured in the BRIC nations is used for writing, printing, cleaning, currency making, gift wrappings, decoration, and for absorption of any liquids. With increase in the production of paper, the consumption of paper has increased for various uses in BRIC countries. The largest paper producing countries are China and Russia among the BRIC nations. Manufacturing units are known as paper mills and these mills produce hundreds of thousands of tons of paper each year. Some variants of paper are strong which are used to make boxes and other packing materials. Cardboard is made by bonding several layers of paper using glue and it is used for packing materials.

Paperboard is thicker than paper and is a paper based material. It is used for packaging because it is lightweight. It can be easily cut to give various shapes. Paperboard is used in graphic printing for book, magazine covers, postcards, fine arts and many more. It is also called as cardboard sometimes due to the use of heavy paper pulp. Majority of the retailers and product manufacturers in BRIC nations are increasingly using paperboard and folding cartons for their product packaging solutions. The benefits in using paperboards are transparent to the manufacturers as well as end-users. Almost all the paperboard manufacturers offer the ability to create a wide variety of structures and customized the product so as to add appeal to the consumer. High resolution graphics and two-sided printing attract many consumers towards the products advertised. It was observed that paperboards have a greater appeal to shoppers and enhanced potential sales compared to other types of packings.

Paperboard packaging is easy to handle, view and understand. Folding cartons using paperboards offer a wide variety of easy-to-open and re-close designs. The increasing population with awareness in environmentally-conscious products has encouraged the paperboard products as an alternative that is easy to recycle. The use of paperboard has discouraged plastic packagings which are not eco-friendly. The paperboard packaging has better recycling history compared to any other packaging material because it is a renewable source of paper product on Earth.

Way Forward for Paper and Paperboard Industry in BRIC: All the BRIC nations are ensuring to replant the trees used for the manufacture of paperboards so as to meet the growing needs of the increasing population. It was witnessed that the Brazil, Russian Federation, India and China (BRIC) are the developing rapidly in the paper and paperboard industry. China is the leading country among the BRIC nations in the paper and paperboard industry, with huge market revenues followed by Brazil, India and Russia. It was expected that the paper and paperboards market in BRIC nations would continue growing steadily over the coming years.

Key Topics Covered in the Report:

  • BRIC Paper and Paperboard Market
  • Brazil Paper and Paperboard Industry Outlook
  • Russia Paper and Paperboard Market Size
  • India Paper and Paperboard Market Size
  • China Paper and Paperboard Market Size
  • BRIC Paper and Paperboard Market Analysis
  • BRIC Paper and Paperboard Industry Revenue
  • Paper board market trends in brazil
  • Developments in Paper Board Market Brazil
  • Major Paper board Players Brazil
  • Major Companies in China Paperboard industry
  • Major Companies in India Paperboard industry
  • Major Companies in Russia Paperboard industry

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