Carpet cleaning and maintenance recommendations for the winter months

Posted by Cynthia Madison on January 30th, 2018

Logically, you would assume that since you no longer walk around in your home that often, your carpets will be cleaner. Unfortunately, this is far from reality because you track indoors dirt, salt or slush, sometimes without even noticing. Inevitably and gradually, these will accumulate in the carpet fibers creating the optimal environment for bacteria. Moreover, during the cold season, everyone relies on different sources of heat, such as fireplaces or stoves, but what they do not know is that extra heating coming from these sources also creates more dust inside the home, which will end up in the flooring eventually. The bright side is that you can fight against the accumulation of dust and bacteria by resorting to professional carpet cleaning. As a result, the slushy, snowy winter months will no longer represent a danger for the cleanliness of your carpets.

Take your shoes off upon coming inside the house

Apart from contacting a professional cleaning company, there are some things or practices that you can do by yourself in order to ensure the proper maintenance of your valuable carpets. One of the most important habits that you must adopt refers to removing your shoes before coming inside the house. Of course, every member of the family has to do the same in order to preserve the cleanliness of not only your carpets, but also your flooring. The majority of homeowners have the same bad habit: they bring all the dirt from outside because they are in a hurry or because they neglect this aspect, thus managing to destroy their beautiful carpets. If everyone would just take maximum one minute to take their shoes off, the grime and wetness would no longer affect the longevity of their carpets.

Place a mat outside your door

The truth is that even if you take those extra seconds to remove your shoes before entering the abode, you cannot do it unless you have something outside your door that you can use in that moment. For this reason, the best solution is to purchase a heavy-duty mat and put it in front of your door. This will give you the needed support while taking the shoes off, grabbing them and placing them in the shoe cabinet or drawer. However, even if you take precautions to protect your carpets from grime and dirt, you still need to clean them professionally once a year. If you need a good and reliable company, click here.

Put the vacuum cleaner to work during winter

Even if you opt for professional carpet cleaning during winter, you still have to maintain the condition of your carpets the next months. In order to do that, you should use that vacuum cleaner more. This will help you to suck away the particles of salt and dirt embedded in your carpet, but you have to do it at least once a week. Apart from this, you should also dust certain areas or items like the ceiling fan blades. 

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