5 Ways to Stay Firm in Your Faith

Posted by Linda Hudson on January 30th, 2018

Faith is all about trusting God even when you don’t understand His plan. – Joel Osteen

Focusing on your faith every day is vital for us to keep everything going. However, often due to several reasons, it becomes difficult to stay firm in your faith. A strong faith helps human to face tough times.

Here are some ways to do so.

Stay active

Keep participating in the activities that make you strong. It may be reading, listening to music, helping others, working out or yoga. Staying true to the activities, you truly love to gives you strength because they act as nourishment to your soul and feed your faith.

Regularly go to the church

Worship is one of the indispensable things which keep the faith alive even you are undergoing the toughest time in your life. This is the reason you should attend prayers and visit Christian churches near me regularly. It will leave you to encourage, inspired, energized and enable you to connect with the God.


Though this quality slowly develops with time, it is one of the trustworthy friends during tough times. Be patient with uncertain situations in life. Some incidents are inevitable and unavoidable which are not under your control. Keeping the patience is the key to surpass such things. Use this time to build faith around the certainty as there must be a purpose behind this, created just for you.


Faith is resistible; learn to receive more and not to resist. Faith is a gift of the God, and you get to choose if you wish to receive it. Once you learn to surrender, allow yourself to open up. Your faith will grow manifolds and stay stable.

Bring positivity

It is often very difficult for us to remain faithful after going through dark times in life. However, always remember that tough times test your faith and you need to be firm. Happiness and sorrow continue to come and go in human lives like ebb and flow in ocean. If it becomes difficult to think positively, look for small and positive things around you. Remind your happy past time which was not just an accident by the wish of God. These signs will remind you of your purpose which is waiting for you.

Staying firm in your faith may be difficult but not impossible. There are several things which may affect this, but to make a positive difference in your and others lives, it is essential to practice faith with required action.

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