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Posted by alvina on January 30th, 2018

Malware is essentially software created by a hacker who is most likely wanting to damage data on almost any device but also people. There are many types of malware, such as Trojans, viruses, spyware, worms and many other forms of malware that can affect people and their data.

Individuals or groups of an organisation can easily create and find advanced tools on the internet or even agencies such as intelligent government systems. Even if data is protected via a lock, data can be traced and accessed through, computer, laptops, and devices at any time if the suspect gets their hands on the right software and uses a specific network as a target.

Many of the popular software that aims to prevent malware such as MacAfee, Symantec and many others – all this software are open sourced malwaredetection toolsand can be installed on any device to ensure protection from those who may use you as a target. For companies and individual’smalware analysis tools are crucial to preventing malware from hackers and also the keep data safe, especially for companies that have a lot of information that is confidential and linked to specific persons.

Open source security prevention tools also known as IPDS can ensure that you have the prevention systems in place, such as firewalls, anti-virus software, wireless monitoring analysis platforms and network monitoring systems – all of these systems will build a solid wall against malware breaching your data and a potential loss of data in the wrong hands.

Suricata Monitoring Engine

This software is an open sourced tool run by a non-profit organisation that has developed this software to support prevention against malware, but also to monitor malware and detect faster.

Suricata is designed to work at high-performance levels with a network security monitoring program to prevent malware. The software is multi-threaded, enabling peak processing for each processor on a sensor that can be configured by the program, then allowing the overall hardware to work faster and not crash.

OSSEC Program

This open source program detection program is multi-platform based and is able to download and install on any device; an average of 5,000 downloads have been made and this is set to increase with the sight of advanced technology and data protection.

The system Is potent is analysing data and preventing malware overall, this is done through scans regularly and also log analysis, windows registry monitoring, file integrity checking, rootkit detection and real-time alerts that will inform the user of any threats, low or high. The system will work fast to action any malware formed on the network and quickly remove.

Bro Network Security Monitor

This monitoring system is a network-based security platform that will highlight network activity daily and provide anin-depth report and activity log of everything that works in the background. Data from the system can be gathered at a large scale, providing an overcast of all progress gathered. The platform Is comprehensive when it comes to giving the most detailed analysis. The security features consist of malware protection, malware prevention, and log recording.

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