Charities in India Bringing Smiles on Faces of Poor Children

Posted by Akshara Foundation on January 31st, 2018

What is real happiness? That happiness we get by partying and enjoying with friends or that is that happiness when we celebrate our success with someone who is in need. Obviously, second one. Real happiness starts from the moment we share our happiness with others and especially with the ones who are in need. Have you ever seen a tree and what does it even do? A tree never consumes their own fruits and hence, benefits the people from it. Therefore, by this example we should also learn that we should not only earn and work for ourselves, but, also to give happiness to those who are in need. While serving happiness to others, we should keep one thing in mind and that is we should never expect something in return other than a sparkling smile on the faces of the needy people out there. There are many Charities in India who are working towards serving happiness to people.

Now, have a look on the positive effects one get after giving someone happiness.

  •          Most of the people must have donated some or the other things to needy people like food, education, books, clothes, cash or any other thing. You can ask their experience. They would have got pleasure in their mind in return.
  •          Not everyone in this world even get basic requirements such as food, shelter and clothes. Therefore, they would have to face a lot of difficulties in their life to get these basic requirements. If you have something even 10% more from what you need, then you can donate in Charities in India as it will make you happy and feel a lot of pleasure. 
  •          While donating something you can also involve your children in these types of purposes as it will help them in having a mindset of donation from the childhood only. You may encourage in donating the funds in Charities in India rather than wasting money on other things.
  •          You can encourage your family members, relatives, friends and neighbors in donating the funds. They will eventually feel happy and pleasure after donating in Charities in India.

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