Mini Drones: The Next Level Invention

Posted by dronessale on February 1st, 2018

Mini drone or also called miniature UAVs i.e., miniature unmanned aerial vehicles, also called SUAV, small unmanned aerial vehicles. They are small enough to be man-portable. These UAVs are basically designed to be carried out and launched like an infantry man-portable air defense system. UAVs have been given many definitions globally, often without including size precisions and differing about weight measurement specifications. Those definitions range from 2 kg for Canada and to less than 25 kg for the United States.

The statement that is small and even very small drones might have many practical uses, which arose in the early 1990s. The idea of using the very small or mini or micro drones was discussed and after initial skepticism, the idea finally started to gain momentum and importance.

Why Choose Micro-Drones?

If we compare the microdrones with the big sized remote control drones, the obvious advantage of ultra- sized micro or mini drones is just that it can be flown anywhere. So we can also say that micro ones support outdoor and indoor flight. This is the most important reason to choose mini remote control drones. Although it also has a weak point that it does not support long time flight.

Some Features of Micro-Drones

Appearance and design- The kinds of micro RC drones are basically with dimensions of 9.5cm*9.5cm*9.5cm roughly. Depending upon its small size it can be played indoor also. Electrically tuned fans give the mini-drone smooth performance that produces far less noise than the normal ones.
Function – Generally it supports the upward, forward, backward ascending and descending flights, sideward flying, and 360 degrees rolling. And with the headless mode, anyone can fly it with ease.
Remote control- it adopts almost 2.4 Gigahertz remote control technologies. When compared with the lower frequency ones, it has the advantage of furthermore control distance and better sensitive response.

Battery- They include such flight battery that can provide up to 5 times and can be conveniently be recharged with the given USB charger (possibly given in every design). Besides, the micro size it allows indoor flying. This is the unique feature because the big-sized remote control drone cannot fly in a small room.

Hence, if one does not mind the short time flight, it is a good choice. To sum up, microdrones are pretty, ultra machines with its features, innovative appearance, one-key returning and precise positioning.

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