Epoxy Flooring ? Your Floor Needs It

Posted by Aaryan Smith on February 1st, 2018

A concrete floor not only looks incomplete but is also harmful to your health. It’s better to gift your floor a long life and an aesthetic look by giving it an epoxy floor coating. Epoxy floor coatings are applied over concrete floors to provide a strong, smooth and durable surface that can stay the same for many years with less maintenance. Epoxy floors are capable enough to offer a well-grounded and long-lasting surface for commercial and industrial flooring as well as household flooring.

Waterproofing contractors in Delhi NCR say epoxy flooring is a preferable choice for industrial buildings, warehouses, and commercial buildings to maintain the floors in perfect conditions. Epoxy floors are strong enough to bear heavy loads of machines and it has the non-slip surface which is appropriate for the machinery’s movements within the premises.

The contractors providing waterproofing solutions in Delhi also extend epoxy flooring services in Delhi. Epoxy is a unique solution because it’s not only incredibly practical, but the materials used in it make it flexible for almost endless applications.

Concrete waterproofing makes epoxy flooring stronger and long-lasting. Waterproofed concrete adds the life and strength to the epoxy flooring.

Advantages of Epoxy Coating

  • Epoxy floor coatings offer a hard wearing durable surface able to bear heavy and continuous movement. Gym owners, for example, prefer epoxy floors as they have to move heavy machines here and there which would cause normal flooring to erode and damage.
  • Epoxy floors coating doesn’t take much time to apply and is easy to apply.
  • Epoxy floors are ideal for warehouses, industrial premises as well as commercial buildings.
  • Epoxy floors require less maintenance, it can be cleaned by regular sweeping.
  • Epoxy floors are able to resist any type of oil stains, water etc. and create a seamless surface which makes it long lasting.
  • Epoxy floors are durable if properly maintained, and can stay for several years without any problem.
  • Epoxy floor provide a chemically resistant surface ideal for manufacturing plants.
  • Epoxy floors offer an anti-slip surface, which is also heat and fire resistant, making floors safe.
  • Epoxy floors allow you to add aesthetically pleasing look to your surface. You can combine different designs and patterns to your surface/floor without worry.
  • To conclude, epoxy is an incredibly hard-wearing, long lasting, easy to clean, chemical resistant and beautiful concrete coating.

If you need to make a beautiful entrance to your hotel lobby, gym, and warehouse or create an anti-slip floor, then epoxy flooring is for you. It’s best to hire well experienced and qualified waterproofing contractors in Delhi NCR for your concrete waterproofing or epoxy flooring needs.

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