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Ana and Christian are enjoying wedded bliss on their honeymoon. Upon their return, Christian informs Ana that he wants her to run the SIP business.

Christian goes away for a trip one night, and Ana decides to go out with Kate. However, Jack is there and tries to kidnap Ana but is discovered by Christina's security team. Christian is angry at Ana's stupidity when he returns, and she retorts that he is too possessive and controlling. At this, Christian attempts to be more liberating, and arranges a family trip abroad, where Elliot proposes to Kate.

However, Ana is fearful when she learns that she is pregnant, and when she tells Christian of the pregnancy, he is angry at her and accuses her of deliberately getting herself pregnant, and he leaves her. When he returns, he is drunk and insinuates that Ana have an abortion, which she refuses to do.

Jack is released from prison on bail and he and Elizabeth decide to kidnap Mia Grey for ransom. They call Ana and tell her to bring the money. When Christian calls her, she tells him that she is leaving him but this is just a pretense as she just wants to protect him from Jack. It is revealed that Jack wanted vengeance against them after Christian took the company from Jack. Jack gets sent to prison.

Meanwhile, Christian is angry at Ana for endangering herself but he is also relieved that she is safe. He then tells her that he will speak openly to her about his troubled past and he tells her about his relationship with Elena. He also reveals that he wants to be a good father to their children.

Later, it is revealed that Ana and Christian have a son named Theodore, and that a daughter on the way.

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