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Posted by Great Ocean Road Day Tours on February 2nd, 2018

Delving beyond the beaches, parties, and sand, there are many layers to Great ocean roads that are waiting to be explored. Families, backpackers, atheists, this land of fun welcome and accommodate everyone.  And when it comes to living up to its image of a casual and laidback hideaway, this city never fails you. This is one place that perfectly blends traditions with modern ideas thereby weaving an alluring pattern.

While touring, one can keep in mind that Great Ocean roads can be broadly divided into three parts like camping, beach fun, and summer foods.  Art and culture enthusiasts are attracted to Australia and the Central region as it boasts of stunning churches and other landmarks. On the other side, party lovers who like to explore chic and funky clubs, parties and yes, of course, beaches can move their base camp to North and South areas.

Great ocean road tour trip advisor is certainly incomplete sans a dive in one of its popular beaches; this treasure trove of beaches offers you everything you want, sand, beach bars, shacks and unlimited adventure. While the leading beaches there are many private and unexplored glasses of water that allow you much needed privacy and safety. History buffs to have a reason to rejoice! Tourist attractions along with its lighthouse, great ocean roads Harbor that came into prominence during World War II and many other prominent historical structures give an insight into the different aspects of Colonial ocean roads.
It’s not all about party and nightlife, as you unearth this region, you will surely be surprised with prominent churches as well as heritage location which thrill people and appeal them to revisit such place again and again.

All that exploring and beach sports will certainly leave you famished. Great ocean road tour with lunch offers a diverse range of exotic and traditional flavours that take influence from Portuguese and great ocean roads cultures. Nonvegetarian particularly seafood dominates the culinary scene and elaborate dishes are prepared with coconut and cashews as core ingredients.

Spoiled for choices, each dining establishment has its own star chef and unique theme and that can leave tourist confused as to which one to go for. If you want to play it safe, then popular restaurants will never fail you. For those who have an adventurous streak in them, try your hand at beach-side shacks.

When it comes to shopping, local art, souvenirs and a trip to shopping streets is a must. Different regions have flea markets that very much represent the colourful life of Great ocean roads, handicrafts made from coconuts, shells, paintings depicting beautiful beaches, Great ocean roads t-shirts and many other collectibles are available here.  For those taking inspiration from cooking shows, get fresh catch and cuts at the Fish Market. Cashews at bargained prices can be picked up at Wholesale Market. Truly, you can shop till you drop.

Summing up great ocean road day trip is certainly no easy feat, every time you visit this place, you will discover another aspect that will make you fall in love with it all over again. Its Colonial past with remnants rule trendy clubs that have made it a global partying hotspot and its carefree attitude certainly amazes tourists who cannot wait to explore its diverse facets.

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