Atlanta Home inspections: Objectives and benefits

Posted by Total Home Consultants, Inc. on February 2nd, 2018

Investing in property is a very crucial part of our life. We spend our life’s earning in acquiring a new property, and we want it to be the best investment of our life. A home inspection is the best thing we can do while making any kind of property investment. An Atlanta Home inspection requires the inspectors to be well qualified and knowledgeable of the property they are inspecting. They need the latest equipment to save time and energy. Having the latest gadgets helps in investigating the property accurately.

A home inspection is important to avoid surprises after the purchase has been made. Unwanted expenses and repairs can be stressful once we take over the new property.

Benefits of Atlanta Home inspections

The home inspection in Atlanta covers the majority of its inspection visually as well as using the latest Infrared Thermal Imaging(ITI).This technology is new in the market and helps in more detailed inspection which can otherwise go unnoticed by the traditional methods of inspection. The Atlanta home inspection is exhaustive, hence it can find out flaws and issues that may have been missed out by other inspectors using traditional methods.

The home inspectors of Atlanta are thorough with their knowledge; they can give a detailed report of the problems along with the necessary solutions to the problems. This gives the client a chance to get the facts right and hence make sound decisions required while investing. It is recommended that the client moves around the house with the inspector to see and check the damages for themselves.

The report from the home inspectors includes photos to support the claim. The entire inspection includes Interiors, Exteriors, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Structural and environmental inspection. Apart from this the Home inspection in Atlanta includes lab tests conducted to check for mold formation and Radon testing to check for radioactive gases and elements occurring naturally in homes. These tests are expensive if conducted by independent labs; however, the costs come drastically down if included in the home inspection. The ITI equipment used in the inspection by the inspectors can give thorough internal inspection of the walls and the floors. This includes finding missing insulations and leakages which will otherwise be invisible during the visual inspection.

The Atlanta Home inspectors take special care of the client’s needs. They take time to help the client understand the process of inspection and protect their investments. They help the client secure his future and finances with their knowledge.   

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