An Overview: Automated Third Party Verification

Posted by Voicestamps on February 2nd, 2018

Third party verification is a procedure of getting a self-regulated part to confirmation, stating that the consumer has requested for a change or ordering a fresh product or service. This entire process begins by putting the respective customer on the phone. The connection is established via transfer or 3-way call, wherein the TVP provider confirms the caller’s identity to ensure that he or she is an authorized decision maker. Usually, this service is employed by all Long Distance Providers, Telemarketing Companies working in America. These firms need to by law use a third-party verification service as they continue selling their products and services over the phone. In case, these organizations fail to do so; they are required to face substantial penalties or criminal sanction.

With the advent of the technology, third-party verification has been automated. Automated TVP offers many advantages, like

1. Automated TVP offers round the clock service to its target audience. This kind of third-party verification can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

2. The automated third party verification system generates high quality and dependable TPV that is consistent. This system helps in getting rid of potential Live Agent mistakes like accidentally skipping a question or slurred speech or so.

3. With a clear and professional voice, automated TVP ensure that your entire script is made available to the customer in the precise order as you requested. In case you have to hire live TPV agents, the chances are high that you will suffer from problems related to understanding myriad kinds of accents, or voice tone as such. The automated third-party verification system doesn’t embrace any of such problems.

4. As compared to its counterparts such as live TPV, Automated TPV costs 70% lesser which in turn mean that it is more cost efficient than others. 

5. With an automated TVP system in place, you can evade manual stroke tallies or computer entries to gain access to precise reports. This system takes every process into account and generates a correct report of your call activities.

6. Automated TPV ensures minimized hassle with ongoing processes such as new agent training or turnover. Besides, this system helps in maintaining processes like quality control to a great extent.

7. This system is open to changes. Whether the change is meant for your product mix, prices or regulatory environment, it can easily incorporate in your TPV script.

Use the internet to find automated TVP system that meets or exceeds requirements for FCC, FTC and State Public Utility Commissions now.

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